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Secrets That May Bring Happiness In Families

Updated on May 10, 2014

A study has found that families that are happy with the neighborhood they have are likely to have more satisfied family life than others. Of course, this alone is not the secret of a happy family. There are a few other aspects that contribute to happiness in families. These aspects have been tested by researches and have the backing of science also.

Open Communication

If the adults in a family do not communicate openly with the children, the children are likely to become pessimistic. They may not feel secure in the family relationship also. In general, open communication is absent in families in which children live their step-parents. Absence of open communication may rob the families of its happiness.

Sharing Of Family Stories

Children who often listen to family stories from their parents are likely to grow into confident and happy adults because they imbibe certain good qualities from these stories. This means that parents should be open and honest and be ready to disclose the incidents that happened in their lives to their children. Children will therefore be able to understand the feelings of the parents and so, they will be able to connect better with the parents. This will positively impact their self-image. The intention of disclosing these stories is not to give lectures but to infuse values in the minds of the kids. Sharing of such stories may involve more time spent together and so, it may bring the parents and children closer also.

Never Forget That Your Children Consider You As Their Role Model

Almost all the children try to measure and equate themselves with their parents in every aspect including their career, relationship status, etc. Parents should never forget this point and should not indulge in activities that may jeopardize the thought pattern of their children.

Welcome Changes

Happiness in families hinges on satisfaction in work life and so, adults in the family should be ready to embrace changes, if necessary, both in their family life and in their work life. Rigidity and reluctance to accept changes in life, especially in family life, may hamper open communication and so, there may not be closeness among the family members.

Show Love And Get Love

Everyone in the family should openly show their love to the other family members. Expression of love should happen as frequently as possible also. This will ensure guaranteed results.

Positive Attitude Even During Adversities

It cannot be assumed that life will always be smooth. There may be adversities. But even during such tough times, everyone in the family should be positive minded. This will reduce mental stress and therefore, happiness in the family will be in tact.

Do Not Aim To Be Right But Be Fair

There is an ocean of difference between being fair and being right. In situations where you have to maintain the respect of the members of your family, you should adopt a fair approach instead of a right approach.

Importance Of Work-Life Balance

Never bring your workplace worries home and similarly, never carry your family tensions to your workplace. Looking at the pleasant aspects of life instead of on the problems will ease your mind and help your efforts to find the right way of achieving work-life balance.

Never Hesitate To Discuss Tough Subjects With All The Family Members

Adults should not be reluctant to discuss tough problems and sensitive topics of their families with their teenage children. This will bring closeness among everyone and will lead to happiness in the family.

Family Rituals Do Play A Role

Observing family rituals and celebrating traditional festivals will help in the social development of the children. This may improve cohesiveness in the family also.

Allow Kids To Learn Extracurricular Activities

If kids are interested in activities other than studies, you should allow them. This will help them enjoy the time they spend in school. So, they will be happy at home also.

Children Enjoy The Company Of Other Adults In The Family Also

Though children may enjoy spending time with their parents, they enjoy the company of other adults in the family also. So, in families where other adults like grandparents, uncles and others are there, there may be more happiness.


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    • dreamdamodar profile image

      Raman Kuppuswamy 3 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks Denise for your comments. There may be a number of other ideas also that can bring happiness to families. People have to take into account various other factors before choosing the ideal ways that are best suited to their families.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      There is much to think about when it comes to the family. These are some great suggestions that all families would do well to take into consideration.