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Should I pamper my child ?

Updated on September 18, 2017

Should I pamper my child?


How much should I pamper my child ?

What kind of relationship would you like to have with your child? Think of how often you say no to your child without thinking twice. Sometimes, the only relationship we have with our children is based on corrections can also be in form of insults.

For example

“Which type of a girl are you” “You always disturbing me, what’s wrong with you?” “Cant you think” “What form of NO don’t you understand? “and so on, do you agree with me.

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming that we forget our children are part of us and need us to show them love.

In fact insults are damaging and too much correction too isn’t received well by the children. To build a stronger relationship with your child, get involved in better activities than just correcting and providing.

It is important for your child to know you not only as a parent but also a friend. This way you are much better off disciplining your child. Parents with strained relationships with their kids can rarely get them to listen to them

Have a look at this example;

I recently went to the mall with my 7 months baby and my 5 –year –old girl. The girl wanted to explore the wonder sitting room at the centre of the mall. My obvious answer was “not today ‘I’ve got too much to do”. However, this day I decided to sit on the couch as I waited for her to go on her mission. It only took a few more minutes and from the look on her face, she was really delighted.

Take time to do things with your child and you will see the changes into the way the two of you relate. Some of the activities you can share with your child include;

Reading them a story at bed time, hiking, doing house chores together, playing and nature walks

Remember to tame your child to that desired behavior, it starts with how the two of you relate. However, it is never too late, here are some tips on how to pamper that relationship

Start early – do not wait for him to be a teenager before you start your friendship, communication habit should start as early as one-day -old

Have a relaxed mind. No matter how much you try, if your state of mind is not right that relationship will not flow.

Pray pray and pray – divine intervention helps all the time, especially when the relationship is in the rocks

Get into their space – Be part of their life

For example, your 8 month old spend most of their play time on the floor, get down and build block, dress that doll, roll that ball and you will experience an overwhelming friendship. For older kids, you can join them in watching their favorite movies or programs.

Build trust – If your 8- year- old told you something and you promised not to tell, don’t tell!

Forgive and forget –Kids rarely remember how terrible you reacted after spilling juice on the couch! Don’t keep reminding them of past mistakes but encourage them at good behaviors. Incase of a separation reconnect fast.

Stay Available Avail your self at all times incase your kid wants to communicate to you.

Have a loving and caring attitude- when your child is hurt show empathy, when he’s distraught stay with him and encourage him all the way

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