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Should Kids Share a Room

Updated on August 14, 2013

The Sleeping Room

a new loft over the queen bed
a new loft over the queen bed | Source

Two Rooms, Two Kids

I know that some families sharing a room is a must because they don't have the extra bedrooms to spare. I also feel that sometimes kids learn to share better when they are forced to share space with a sibling.

In my home we have plenty of bedrooms that the kids could have their own but we keep going back and forth between sharing a room or not. I have a feeling this decision is not a final one but for now with the boys being 6 and 4 we decided to have the boys share a room for various reasons.

Same Gender

If you have two sibling that are the same gender this is a better solutions than if they are different genders. Children that are the same gender often can share bedroom for longer than kids that are of the opposite gender.

I feel that if I had two different gender children I would not as them to share a room unless it was absolutely necessary.

Sibling Room Sharing

Things to Consider
What will other room become?
Sibling Rivalry
Alternative Options

Room Sharing

Do your children share a bedroom?

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Close in Age

My two children are close in age - less than two years apart. Being close in age gives them many of the same interests and friends. They have many of hte same toys and go to bed around the same time.

Children that are farther apart in age will cause problem when they share a room between the little sibling syndrome of annoying behavior, different bedtimes, and getting into each others things this could cause some major anxieties for each child.

To Create a Playroom

Since my current home does not have a basement or extra family space we opted to bunk the kids together and create a large playroom with the other bedroom. The bedrooms were very different in size and the older child had a queen bed while our younger one had a twin bed. We opted to keep both bed and added a loft above the queen bed. The twin bed with drawers that my younger child had is currently in use as a huge lego table in the playroom.

Right now the boys are extremely happy that they can find and play with their toys, we are trying to emphasis that the room with the beds is for sleeping and not for playing and that the toys belong in the playroom. This may be a losing battle and may eventually be a reason to separate them.

Does Sharing Work?

Does the sharing work? That i the ost important question in the process. Right now for us it is working. They are sleeping at night despite one boy who is always awake a little longer, but he did that before they shared a sleeping space. The playroom is clean and they can find their toys and put them away. I haven't stepped on a lego since creating the lego table which is a huge win in my book.

Alternative Options

Are there any other spaces you could use in your house to make space for the kids to share or to separate them. Sometimes you have to be creative. My cousin lived in a bathroom when she was a baby. they built a crib around the tub and changed the counter into a changing table. Creativity in small spaces.

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    • kthix10 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from IL

      The loft is actually a set of bunk beds that my in'laws have had for 30 plus years. We put it all together except the front lower brace. then we took the front lower brace and drilled holes on the bottom of the legs of the bunk and made it a support that is at floor level and runs under the queen bed. You can't see it in the picture because the pillow is on top of it.

    • twoseven profile image


      5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I love this! I have been thinking about this with my two boys - they aren't quite ready to share yet, but I like to think about that day! They are almost 4 and 1 so I'm hoping within a year or two it will work. How did you do the loft? Did you build it or buy it? We have a similar situation, with my older son on a futon on the floor, so I really like the idea of adding a bunk over a bigger bed!


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