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Persistence Opens the Door for Achievement

Updated on November 8, 2015

One Sure Way Not to Achieve is Not to Try

What do the tortise, slow, persistent, and diligent and Thomas Eddison," bad boy," persistent, and zealous have in common? They both were told that they could not accomplish their goals. Both were discouraged, discredited, and somewhat abandoned as they pursued the drive inside of them.

The tortise believed that he could win a race between he and the hare.

Thomas Edison had an innovative passion and believed that he could create and invent what he saw in his mind.

Both desires seemed rediculous to those around them. In spite of the ridicule Edison and the tortise persisted. They did not allow the outside discouragement to stop them and both accomplished their goals.

Their common characteristic was PERSISTENCE.

My daughter was fascinated by the Dance Team in high school. She loved to dance and enjoyed dancing with groups for various activities. As a freshman she danced with classmates for different activities in school.

She dreamed of being on the dance team and she had a hard time waiting for tryouts which were held at the end of the school year. She was sure that she would make the team because her confidence was based on her desire rather than her skill. During tryouts she found out that a lot of the girls that were trying out had had formal training. Feeling somewhat discouraged she continued to tryout. Those trying out were taught dances which they were to perform for the judges. Learning dances came easy to my daughter but perfecting the movements was not at the top of her priority list.

She did not make the team and she was devastated. Once she picked herself up from the disappointment of not making the team, she realized that there was next year and that she could try out again. So, she decided to do just that. At the end of her sophomore year when it was time for tryouts, because of rezoning, she was being transferred to a brand new school. Students from another school were also being transferred to the new school. This would be the first dance team at the new school and the new teacher could pick the best dancers from each school. This was a great deal of pressure for my daughter, but she really wanted to be on the team so she tried out in spite of her fears and doubt.

Again she did not make the team and again she was devastated. This was her junior year in high school. Making the dance team for the first time as a senior was highly unlikely. The seniors on the team were members who had been on the team before and were seasoned. The unseasoned dance team members were usually sophomores.

I watched her struggle with her dream. She took dance classes her sophomore, junior, and senior year in school. Most of her peers and family thought that she should find a new dream. She was going to graduate from high school and should concentrate on future dreams. But she just could not give it up. She finally decided to try out one last time. And so she did. She spent a lot more time practicing and perfecting her dance techniques. She also listened more.

To everyone's amazement, because it was her senior year and she did not make the team the first two times that she tried out, she made the team. She was so overjoyed, She confessed, " I can't believe it. I knew that I probably would not make the team but something inside me pushed me on." Her desire was strong and this time she went the extra miles to ensure a better and winning performance.

What did my daughter walk away with from this experience. She learned not to be afraid to go after what she wants.

Like the tortise and Thomas Edison, she did not allow opposition to overthrow the internal desire and drive which paved the way to success.

Persistence is an attribute which contributes to achievement. One sure way not to achieve is not to try.



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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      What a great message! I was taught to always move forward. No matter the obstacles, keep moving forward. We are capable of so much if only we keep trying and don't give up.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

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