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Should You Buy Cellphone for Your Kid - Right Age for a Kid to Carry a Cellphone

Updated on June 27, 2013
Cellphone for Kids
Cellphone for Kids

Importance of Cell Phones

In this modern era where everyday technology is introducing new and better things in the market, Cell phone which was a gift of technology has become a necessity in the functioning of the society and intruded into each and every field.

Mobile phones have started playing such an importance in our lives that we cannot even think of life without them. This long range portable electronic device used for mobile communication has now become affordable, easy to use and comfortable. They have become capable of managing each and every task in our office and home. Apart from being a communication medium it is also a computation medium.

Students, politicians, scientists, teachers…almost everybody in this world cannot imagine their lives without their cell phones. Hand cell phone ensures that the world is a smaller place, by helping people establish effective communication without any hassle. It also ensures that in times of emergency contact can be established. The high end features and specifications of the equipment make us feel great in possessing one. Now they have got a position very close to our hearts. But on the other hand the long term health hazards of using a cell phone gives second thoughts to a person of actually buying one.

Why Kids Shouldn't Have Cell Phones

Cell phones - A necessity for a Child?

Now the question arises, will it be sensible to give a phone to a child?

The answer depends upon many other questions and after judging all the parents should decide mutually to provide a phone to their children or not.

The first and top most point to consider is whether their school allowed them to keep the Cell phones?

If not than rethink or restrict the child to use a phone during school hours.

Advantages of Kids Possessing Cell phones

For your kid’s Safety: The main reason why a kid should have a cell phone is safety. This will help your kid call home in case of an emergency or when the kid is in some kind of trouble. The GSP features in cell phones will help parents to locate their whereabouts. Many useful features like the sprint family locator are also available in mobile phones which are a valuable tool to have a better sense of their whereabouts when they are apart.

Teach kids to be responsible: Possessing a cell phone makes kids feel that they have grown up and automatically creates a sense of responsibility in them. The responsibility of the kid ranges from taking care of the gadget to the minutes and text restrictions. They will become more responsible on reaching back home on time. They will also become very keen on informing any change in their schedule to their parents while they are out. That’s they are becoming more responsible.

Helps in their education: If a child possesses a cell phone he or she can call his or her classmate when a doubt arises in the topic taken in the class. Moreover it is a very good medium for combined study. Texting and surfing availability in cell phones help them clear their doubts immediately.

Cellphone Poll

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Disadvantages of Cell phones

Unnecessary technology in phones: Most of the parents buy phones for their kids which are equipped with the latest technology. The web access and text services available in their phone tend them to misuse it. The phones that are made available to kids for emergency situations are thus not fulfilling their supposed purpose.

Hindrance to studies: The time that should be spend more productively for studies, is spend by playing games or sending messages on cell phones. Thus they are really becoming less a help and more a hindrance in their studies.

Doorway to trouble: Children spend most of their time talking on their cell phones. The constant use of cell phones may make them involved in issues like cyber bullying and sex related problems. Such issues are likely to put your child in risk rather than do any good to them.

Make kids dependent on connections: The availability of cell phones make kids dependent on constant connectivity. This prevents them from functioning independently and loses their capability to make good decisions themselves.


Right Age for a Kid to Carry a Cell phone

Cell phone fulfills many day to day communication needs even of a student, if a child has a Cell phone time to time whereabouts of the child can be known and safety of a child in today’s unsafe yet mobile world can be ensured, but on the other hand the health hazards of the Cell phone that pose the threat to the healthy future of a child pose give jitters to the parents , Also the fact that Cell phone is no longer used as a necessity , it is rather a style statement among the youngsters and can divert the child from his aim or studies can be effected.

Parents are the only people that set examples for their children and it is their duty to ensure that their children are properly guided about the need for them to have a Cell phone so that under peer pressure they do not start misusing it.

Cell phones - A necessity ?

The parents must also ensure that the bill of the Cell phone should not cross a limit that had been agreed on beforehand, this will surely ensure that the device is only used for the purpose that it had been given for and not used for useless chit- chat among friends. Also if at all parents feel that their children have a tendency to misuse the device they must ensure that the model of the phone that their child has only the necessary functionality of a phone and not a mere advanced piece of technology that fulfills all the other functions that the child wants to show off.

So Cell phones are indeed a necessity for a child but it is the duty of the parents to ensure that their children are having one for the right reasons and not just using it as fashion accessory .Active involvement of the parents in the lives and counselling of their children will indeed play an important role in guiding and ensuring that their children are using this device for the proper necessary use and nothing else.


The purpose of providing cell phones to kids must be made understood to kids first. They must be ready to obey the cell phone instructions provided to them by their parents. The disadvantages a cell phone can cause to your kids must be considered while purchasing a cell phone for your kid. Make sure you buy a cell phone for your child for the right reasons and not just because everyone one else has one.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Seeker7, Nora411 and Daphne,

      Your opinion about the topic is good.I am glad that you found time to read the hub and leave a comment.

    • profile image

      Daphne Shadows 5 years ago

      Its ridiculous how many kids go to my siblings' school that have their own smart phones, lap tops, yada, yada, yada. I mean, really?

      There are reasons to give them phones yes, but not just 'because'.

    • Nora411 profile image

      Nora411 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Interesting Hub!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Very interesting hub! I think in today's violent times there is a case for the cell phone as a safety measure for kids. But I think there definately needs to be a balance between having one for safety but not allowing it to be used for fun - at least until they are old enough to buy there own.

      Voted up!