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Should You Use Fuzzi Bunz Seconds

Updated on January 13, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers have become quite popular, and with good reason. First of all, they have a very unique and fun look. Second, unlike most prefold cloth diapers or organic cloth diapers, Fuzzi Bunz are extremely adjustable. They are designed to grow with your baby, from 7 pounds to 35 pounds, according to their marketing. Both the waist and the legs are adjustable. They are made with a fleece layer to help limit the moisture and have a waterproof outer layer that is both soft and available in many different colors. So should you use Fuzzi Bunz seconds? Considering that the cost of each Fuzzi Bunz is between $17 and $21 USD, per Google Shopping, getting them second hand should not be overlooked.

When the question is whether or not to use Fuzzi Bunz seconds, the answer is simple. Yes. Fuzzi Bunz are designed to be easily repaired. The elastic is designed to be removed and replaced and the snap closures claim to have a three year lifetime per their website, They also feature a removable absorbent insert. Also, they are easy to clean.

Of course you will want to thoroughly wash any hand-me-downs. Compared to most baby cloth diapers, Fuzzi Bunz are designed to last a very long time. The replaceable elastic is a definite plus. The adjustability is amazing and they will grown with your kids, so you should be able to get years of use out of them. I have heard that they are extremely comfortable for your children I have not been able to verify this as I have not been able to wear them myself (they are not infinitely adjustable after all!) Also, they do look extremely cute and do come in a huge variety of colors. I am quite confident that you would not be disappointed with even used Fuzzi Bunz. 


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