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Kids and their love for Adventure

Updated on August 5, 2010

Raising kids who enjoy every small adventure

Most of us take pride in the fact that we are better caregivers for our kids than our previous generation. We do anything to ensure that the kid's room is totally danger-proof. Anti-skid flooring, cots and tables that don't have any sharp edges, no protruding nails on walls, carpets placed near the cot so that the kid doesn't get hurt even if she falls, swings with seat belts, helmets during playtime - the list is endless. We constantly watch out for anything that may cause any injury to the child.

Playground or play area are totally covered in grass and they are regularly checked for any hazards. Even when taking the kids out to a nearby community park or playground, we constantly supervise them and playing in mud , playing with water or soiling their clothes is a strict no-no. We limit their activities to only stuff that is totally risk-free and devoid of any adventure. We feel blessed when others praise our kids for being well mannered and disciplined. Ever wondered how it can affect their future?

Research shows that kids develop their own individuality by the time they are eight years old. The behavior that they display at this age is more likely to continue throughout their adulthood. Risk taking and love for adventure is an inborn trait in most of the kids. If we discourage it at an early age, they are less likely to develop risk-taking ability when they grow up. Physical activity is best enjoyed with minor risks. When we look back at our childhood, what is it that we all loved ? Most of us would agree that it was the playtime.

Physical activity is not just about tennis or baseball classes after school. It is not just about swings and slides and jungle-gyms. It is about group activity. It is about taking minor risks and being responsible about it. It is about being mentally and physically active and happy at the same time.

The fun that kids have when they play together - not just on swings or slides or trampoline but by running around in an open playground, making food items from mud , rolling over in wet grass, playing in the rain, hanging on the ropes, climbing trees, making tree houses out of scrap, Playing on a beach and enjoying the waves is unparalleled. Let them enjoy it. Let us not restrict their activities thinking it may be hazardous on them. Let them have those minor bruises and pain.

I don't mean to say that let them do anything unmonitored or do something like bungee jumping or other adventure sports in early childhood. All I am saying is let them take the little risks that we all took in our childhood. Let them experience all the happiness they can. Let us not give them a chance to look back at their childhood with regret. Let us trust them and do all that we can to support them.


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      swapna123 7 years ago from India

      thanks a lot :)

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      lilypjmom2122 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I totally agree! Great Article:)

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      swapna123 7 years ago from India


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      pisean282311 7 years ago

      nice hub...