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Should Kids Brush Their Baby Teeth?

Updated on April 9, 2011


You may be surprised by the number of children don’t start brushing until the permanent teeth are already set.

Some may ask; Why is oral hygiene at a young age so important?

Read below to find out why!


80% of all known disease begins in the mouth! The other 20% is from contact, Usually from fluid form someone else’s mouth onto their hands, onto the object.

Its immensely important that you promote good oral hygiene at a young age, if you don’t who in your child life is going to direct them to a good tooth brush? Their Dentist? Ok so they get a good looking at every 6 months at the Dentist. Especially with the sugary and artificially flavoured foods kids are drinking and eating more and more they need to brush after every meal.

This is important as to not allow cavity creating plaque to build up over any amount of time throughout the day, eat a meal, and clean the teeth.

Don’t be confused, kids should never use fluoride based toothpastes because children tend to swallow instead of spitting, where as adults we can control it better so none of that nasty fluoride ends up inside us.

Lots of cool products to encourage kids to brush:

With automatic brushes with timers and lights to blue mouthwash that turns your plaque blue (Gross) kids have a really good variety of gimmicky bathroom equipment to encourage them to brush, and brush often.


My son is about 5 months away from two now, and he has his own brush and asks for it after every meal, and sometime bath time. (Don’t know why?)

But We (me & my wife) started that only recently when he had grown all his teeth.

I do however think we should have started earlier, some parents start brushing their children’s first tooth. However early you start is completely up to you!

He Really enjoys it, and I know if he has any birthday cake from one of his friends parties, or some Halloween candy this year. That the sugar and other cavity creating gook, isn’t going to be getting into his teeth at any age.

Scientists also explain how not brushing from a young age promotes your teeth to be crooked in adult hood.

I think that encouraging our children to take care of themselves independently at any age is a good idea and a little love and encouragement goes a long way.


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    • profile image

      Henry S. 6 years ago

      Wow, i never thought about it, me and my wife didnt start getting our son to brush his tetth untill they were permanent. Great Hub, Thanks!