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Silver Cross Prams - The Heritage Collection - Balmoral and Kensington Prams

Updated on August 30, 2011

My Silver Cross Pram

I had a Silver Cross pram, I have very fond memories of it still to this day. It was roomy yet cosy, comfortable and safe. I loved my Silver Cross pram, and I remember not wanting to be taken out of it. In 1977 when I was born, the only place that you could buy Silver Cross prams in London was at Harrods. This was due to the fact that smaller more lightweight prams had come into fashion for their more convenient usage. The Silver Cross pram did not fold up in a compact manner and so they fell out of favour with parents who wanted a pram that took up less space and was more adaptable for daily use.

But for people such as my mum who definitely had the 'hey look at my Baby' vibe going on, there was only one pram that would do, the now named Silver Cross Balmoral. This pram is still considered to be the Rolls Royce of prams, and Silver Cross in general is still a trusted and admired baby brand today.

I don't know if it is still done, but my pram was handpainted on both sides with a two cute little bunnies playing amongst flowers - a design chosen by my mum. I obviously didn't realise at the time, but now when I look back at photos and memories of my Silver Cross Balmoral, it really was a thing of beauty.

The Silver Cross Heritage Collection - Balmoral

Silver Cross has been hand making their Heritage Collection of prams in Yorkshire for over 130 years. Yes, you did read that right, all the Heritage Collection is handmade. That's not something that can be said very often in this day and age is it? These prams scream of quality and style.

The Balmoral - As I mentioned before, the Balmoral is considered to be the Rolls Royce of baby prams. It comes with a super comfortable (mine certainly was!) thick mattress that is the epitome of comfort for a baby.

Compared with prams of today (some of which I've seen resemble office chairs on wheels) this is a monster of a pram in size. Baby won't be having any lack of space issues in this, I'm writing from experience!

Overall Weight: 37kg / Width: 59cm / Height: 125cm / Length: 133cm

Internal Weight: 36cm / Height: 18cm / Length: 85cm

The Balmoral

Silver Cross Heritage Collection - Kensington

The Silver Cross Kensington is a smaller version of the Balmoral. It has a detachable body, the undercarriage folds and the wheels can be removed. So it's somewhat more convenient to store and travel with. Thought that isn't what these prams are about. You don't buy from the Silver Cross Heritage Collection if you want a pram that can be folded and put into the back of a car on a regular basis. These prams are statement pieces.

You still get the comfy mattress with the Kensington, so it's equally as comfortable for baby as the Balmoral. Though the Kensington is smaller and weighs considerably less, the internal length dimension is actually longer than the Balmoral.

Overall Weight: 14kg / Width: 58cm / Height: (120cm) / Length: 133cm

Internal Width: 36cm / Height: 18cm / Length: 89cm

The Kensington

Why Buy A Silver Cross Heritage Collection Pram?

Let's face it, Silver Cross Heritage Collection prams are not for everyone. To begin with, they aren't just going to be folded up and be put in the back of a car by any means. These prams aren't about convenience or getting baby from A to B, these prams are statement pieces that are there to be admired.

Writing as a very contented baby who had one, I can safety say that these prams are the ultimate in baby luxury. I preferred sleeping in my pram to anywhere else as it was just so comfortable. I don't know how many adults remember their prams like I do, but I know that my memories are vivid and full of contentment.

If you're thinking of buying a pram from the Silver Cross Heritage Collection, then you are definitely saying look at me and my baby! These prams are quality, high end baby products that can be passed down for years to come.

Celebrities Who Use Silver Cross Heritage Collection

Jennifer Lopez has two Silver Cross Balmoral prams for her twins Max and Emme.

Charlotte Church the multi millionaire welsh songstress had a baby pink Balmoral for her daughter Ruby.

Nicole Richie has also been spotted out and about with a Silver Cross, but she chose the Kensington for her baby Harlow.

Ellen DeGeneres presented Britney Spears with a customised Silver Cross Kensington on her talk show in 2005. The pram had neon lights, spinning chrome wheels and a Sony DVD player installed! Pimp my pram indeed.


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