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Silvercross Pushchairs

Updated on December 25, 2014

Prams and push chairs are considered necessities for parents with a baby to take care of. They help make carrying the baby easy for the parents. Instead of having to carry the baby all the time, they can put the little one into a pram and just push it while taking a stroll. Prams have been around for quite some time now, and Silvercross pushchairs can take credit for being the one of the first to introduce these neat little carriages for baby's use.

The History

Silver Cross push chairs have started their success story in the late 19th century. William Wilson, a postman from Leeds, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, decided to quit his job and start a business making post carts and preambulators.

During the days of Queen Victoria, the wealthy started to take interest in prams and began commissioning carriage makers to create miniature versions of these vehicles just for babies' use. Queen Victoria herself joined in the trend, and thus the days of the pram as a status symbol began.

Wilson's company was not to be left behind in the current trend, of course. In 1877, Silver Cross produced its first pram design. Due to hard work and perhaps some attention to detail, Wilson's company emerged among the rest as a maker of quality products and a trusted brand.

In the 1920s, the company achieved recognition and was the foremost brand in the pram market. British families recognize the name as a symbol of quality and durable products, thus sealing its reputation from the 1920s onward.

The company didn't get left behind as times evolved as well. It continued to develop new models that continue to be resilient despite rapidly changing markets. Silver Cross put in one model every year, making sure that they are always moving forward with the market and the times. Aside from Silvercross pushchairs, the company also expanded into highchairs and other furniture made specifically for babies and toddlers.

Silver Cross also decided in the 1960's to produce toy prams that older children can play with. Little girls can now pretend to be mothers with their own prams to put their dolls in.

And now, more than a hundred years after Wilson put forth the first pram with the Silver Cross brand, the company still remains a household name for the United Kingdom. With the technology brought forth by the Internet, the company can now apparently reach out to the world and let families abroad have the chance of experiencing the quality that is Silver Cross.

Quality and Innovation: Behind Silver Cross' Success

If you look closely at the story of the Silver Cross push chair, you will undoubtedly find that what lies behind the success of the company is their emphasis on quality and innovation. Over the years, they have maintained their reputation for quality even if the world's needs and preferences have changed.

The next time you see a SilverCross pushchairs, you can be sure that it's one of quality build and construction.


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