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Simple Ways To Connect To Family

Updated on December 5, 2015

Connecting with your family

Do you make the time to take a talk with the immediate members of your family? In a day where families face so much messaging from news, politics, TMZ, reality shows, and drama based television it is good to have some down time. Walking together not only promotes health but it allows uninterrupted time for you to spend talking with your spouse and children. If everyone took a few days out of the week to take a walk together you would be surprised of the benefits to your soul and enjoy the richness of connecting on a deeper level with your family. Walking promotes conversation for surely you can not walk in silence together. This is a great opportunity as a family to talk to one another, determine the thought process of your children, and experience the healing effects of unplugging from this need to constantly be entertained or working. For 45 minutes to 1 hour you can unplug and connect to one another.

How To Connect When Walking

1. No cell phones allowed with the exception of the parent(s) for EMERGENCY use only. Do not conduct a family walk and decide to talk on the cellphone while you are walking with your family members-it defeats your purpose of connection.

2. Make conversation. If you order everyone out the door give everyone a moment to adjust to this new activity for a few minutes and start conversations with things people want to discuss:

-Their day.

-Events they plan to attend in the future.

-Friends they have in their life and how they are doing.

-Current events to determine how your spouse or children are processing information.

-Interests of the family members of the household.

3. When I was your age.....Yes this is a conversation kids hate to hear but notice the difference when your kids engage in the conversation. Ask them about how they think it's different now and let the conversation guide itself from there.

Benefits of Family Walks - Making Exercise Part of Life

By walking with your family you not only promote health but peace of mind. Your releasing negative energy and absorbing positive energy while keeping in shape which is a good health practice. Connecting with your family is priceless for bonding with your family. After a period of time it will become something everyone looks forward to in the future.


Do you spend uninterrupted time connecting with your family 3 times per week?

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