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Single Father Experience: Walk It Out

Updated on February 9, 2016

Walk Hard

You know what's cool about having a little person? You get to see them grow into a big person. You get to see them go from a small blob of cuteness and into a large blob of...wait. Well, you get it.

My point is that kids grow and change. One of those changes comes from the moment they become more mobile. Being able to get around quicker and reach things they couldn't reach before helps your little person with a sense of not only accomplishment, but independence. Right now, they are probably screaming for whatever it is they want or trying desperately to get something they can't reach. In time they will be pulling themselves up and the next thing you know you got Usain Bolt on your hands. Here are just a few quick tips to help foster your tiny person's walking.

  • I like to put things just a touch out of reach. If there is a toy or trinket that your baby seems to gravitate towards, place it just a little bit out of their reach. They may become fixated with it and that may encourage them to try and reach for it. If you find that they are able to reach it but aren't walking just yet, move it. Just a little bit so that they will want to go after it.
  • Let them walk in your shoes. Or, stand on your feet rather. Holding baby up and taking little steps with them on your feet will get those tiny muscles going! It may also get them to take their own little baby steps and if they do you're well on your way!
  • Buy a walker. I love walkers but some of them can be a bit too much for baby to handle. Make sure to get one that is the right size for your kid and make sure you have some wide open spaces for them to practice! That new sense of speed and ability to traverse from one place to the next gives baby a great feeling like they can do it but you don't want them to get discouraged if they can't move freely. And also, don't forget to move stuff out of the way that you don't want knocked over. They fast and curious, not furious.

I have two sons and they started walking at different times. My older one didn't really get moving until after a year but my little one started at just over six months! If your little one starts walking earlier than most, make sure to check his posture and also make sure he isn't tripping over his own feet. As happy as I was to see my younger one walking so young, I do have a concern about how his legs will form.

Babies will do things when they are ready but you can still help get the ball rolling with these few tips. I have to warn you though, once they get going THEY WON'T STOP! Get ready to have things pulled down, tossed off, thrown and maybe even broken as they get used to their new ability. Don't get mad at them though, they are learning the ropes and if you stick close to them, it'll be fun for the both of you.

My son's first steps


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