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Single Mothers, The Real Warriors

Updated on January 30, 2015

You are a Warrior

As parents, we are all warriors. We teach, we nurture, we educate, we play doctors and advisors as well as a driving service and personal shoppers. As a married woman, I get to share this responsibility with my husband who is also a very hands on parent. For the last 2 months, I have been on vacation, escaping the cold with my 2 children, as my husband had to stay back working. In these 2 months, I have opened my eyes, and even though I am not a single mom, I have grown so much respect for them, and with this article, I take a bow to all of you single mothers, the real warriors.

We all know parenting is a learn as you go adventure, that wechange every second of the day. As beautiful as it is, it is also draining and a patience tester. Cheers to you who may be saying, oh its not a patience tester, it is perfect, and yes, it is, but it is a perfect chaos.

Then you have those warriors, those single mothers, who manage to go to school, have a job, plus still have all of the energy that it takes to raise a child, dance, read, trips to the doctor, and all of the house work involved when there is no one there to help. I may not be a single mother, but my best friend is, and to me she is a warrior, the silent type, the one who wont complain, and has an amazing nurturing heart, doesn't matter how tired she may be.

My mom raised us as a single mother. She worked full time and was also a full time mom, still to this day, she is. I remember never feeling I needed attention, because she was always there to give me her advice, her unique hug that will melt peace into me. She always guided us where we needed to go, let us be who we are, and supported us in our dreams. I never heard her complaining, I never saw her upset. She seemed to embrace her womanhood, and thanks to her we had the most amazing childhood ever. Even though she had an amazing career that let her have weekend and vacations off with us, she still managed to keep our house beautiful. Every weekend, she would wake up with so much energy, turn on the radio, and dance around, while moving things, and making the house look spectacular. At night, she would sit in the porch by the light of the moon and write poetry. To me, she was and is a warrior. Never once did she feel like she couldn't do it, and if she did, we never knew it. Never once did she tell us that she was too busy or too tired for us. In fact, to this day, she is the one I call for advice, for peace, for love.

I bow and take my hat off to all of the single mothers out there, that it doesn't matter how tired you are, how much work you have, you are there for your kids, and you always give them the best of you. So remember, you are not just a single mom, You are a Warrior.

A Poem For Mom

You were my light when I needed guidance,
my shelter that kept me safe,
you were my reason when I was confused,
you were the sun in between the rain,
you were my biggest reason to giggle,
by biggest idol of all times, 
you were my moon on a dark sky,
and my shooting star...

Mom, I want to thank you, 
for turning me into an amazing mom myself
for always still being there, 
when I need advice, when I need help.
I couldn't be happier with who I am today,
because even in my rebellious teen years,
you never gave up on me.
I just want to say thank you,
for being the best mom out there,
for being the light in my children's eye,
for everything that you did to get us through,
Because I wouldn't be me,
without you.


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