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Single Parenting Struggles

Updated on April 13, 2016

Single Parenting Struggles And Advice

Being a single parent is difficult. We all struggle and at times we feel overwhelmed and overworked. The people around us don't always understand what we are going through and sometimes they'll make us feel worse without meaning to.

But what to always remember. Is that no matter how hard it gets or how tired you feel. You are doing an amazing job. Everyone needs a boost once in a while. And we don't need to be kicked while we're down.

I have those days where I feel useless as if I can't do anything right. I feel like a failure like I am a bad mother. But I know I'm not. And you aren't a bad parent either. We have struggles and it's not always easy getting past that bump in the road.

But remember. Your kid(s) love you even if they don't always understand or sometimes push your buttons. They do love you they aren't always good at showing it. But in the end that's what you are teaching them.

You are teaching them how to be good people and how to love. You may sometimes feel you have no patience left. But if you ever feel that way then you hug them. Because one sweet hug can make you feel so much better.

You love them and they love you and in the end that is what helps us work through it. Watching them grow and learn. Being there and teaching them. Those moments make our hearts swell with happiness.

We all have trouble sometimes but all we need to know is that we aren't alone. There are others that feel the way we do. Overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, alone. But we aren't alone. We all get upset and feel broken sometimes. But as parents we support each other.

So no matter how hard things are right now. Imagine how much better they'll be in the end after all the trouble and struggling. Once that period is over and you finally reach what you are going for you'll feel so much better.

Clingy Toddlers

If you have a Clingy toddler then I know how you feel. My 2 year old daughter is constantly in my arms or in my lap. She never wants to be away from me.

Sometimes Clingy can irritate us usually when we are busy. But remember one thing. Those moments don't last forever. Even if it is just for a minute cuddle your toddler because they won't always be this Clingy and it's when they aren't that we miss it.

So enjoy it and embrace it. Hug you Clingy monkey with so much love.

It's the little things that count and the things we remember forever. One of the greatest memories we will have is the cuddling.

My reason for waking up each morning

The moments I cherish with my daughter.
The moments I cherish with my daughter.
Watching her happy makes me happy
Watching her happy makes me happy

Positive Parenting

Even when things get hard. You should always be positive toward your child or children. If they do something bad then let them know. I personally use time out as a method of disciplin. But it doesn't work for everyone.

All parenting styles are different. But always make sure your child or children feel loved. Try and teach them about the good things in life. The small things we take for granted. Children love everything when they're young. And that to me is beautiful watching them light up over the smallest things.

Maybe water or flowers sometimes a new toy. No matter the struggle focus on the positives. Show them that there is always something good to focus on.

My Question

How do you handle fits in the store?

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Single Parenting

● Nobody is perfect at it and we are all still learning.

● Always be patient with your child or children.

● Know that you are never alone.

● I am speaking as a fellow single parent.

Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and we are scared to ask for help. You aren't weak for needing help. You are stronger by asking for help. We all need help sometimes and if you have someone willing to help then be happy for it because at some point we all need it.


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