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6 Ways My Mother Tried to Make Me To Eat Vegetables

Updated on July 24, 2012

Eat Your Veggies

I like many waifs never liked to eat my vegetables. In an effort to get me to eat more veggies my mother always tried to come up with more inventive way to get me consume more vegetables. Here are some of them. Warning do not try some of these for yourself they might not have flavors you like.

She tried coating them with toppings like cheese, lots of cheese. Sometimes it was hard to see the vegetables for all the cheese. It usually didn't work as well as my mother wanted. Sure I ate more veggies but more times then not I cleared the plate of cheese long before the veggies were gone.

Many times she tried to mix my veggies with other things like eggs. This worked a lot better then cheese because I could add lots of ketchup. The ketchup coated everything making it more palatable. What you never had eggs with ketchup. Try it sometime you might find it is quite tasty

My mother would also make me pot pies. Pot referring to the way they are made in a little tin dish or some kind of bowl. A pot pie it is a pie which contains vegetables and meat. I did and still love pot pies For those of you who live near Amish country pot pie is some kind of dish with eggs noddles, chicken , corn and other ingredients unknown.

My mother also tried to get me to eat my vegetable. by bribing me. Eat my veggies get a piece of cake. Wolf down some carrots, get a piece of pie. Probably my favorite method but most misunderstood. I guess my mom figured eating the vegetables outweighed all the empty calories from the desserts.

When all else failed my mother used to try to guilt me into eating my vegetables. No she didn't use the starving children story most parents use. I always heard the story about how when she was a little girl growing up in West Virginia she had to eat everything on her plate. I hate to say I used to feel really bad for mother but it did not help. I still would have trouble eating my vegetables.

The last resort, when all else failed my mother wold give me a stern look and say, “You are going to stay in your seat until you eat every last one of your vegetables”. All I can say is that chair got really hard after an hour or so and the vegetables got so really cold.

As I got older I understood why my mom was so adamant about getting me to eat my vegetables. All she wanted to do was make me healthy. While some of her methods were questionable her heart was in the right place. So my advice to you is when your mother says to eat your vegetables, eat them, she is only doing it out of her love for you.


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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      This is as good as your first part. I suppose you do eat yuour veggies now.

      Voted up and interesting.

      I was a fussy eater so my mother sent me to a school were I had to stay for school lunches. The food was from the bottom of the food and disgusting.

      We had to clean our plates before we could leave the table.

      We learnt to always have a paper bag with us but you to be really careful a teacher didn't catch you. Joyce.