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Safety Features for Baby Bean Bags

Updated on September 4, 2015

Baby Bean Bag Safety

When ticking off the countless number of items to buy before your first (or even second or third) baby comes along there is so much to consider when it comes to the ‘optional extras’ and depending on your budget, this list of items can sometimes be quite extensive. One item I know I just couldn’t do without, is my baby bean bag.

A baby bean bag is a great way in which to keep your baby safe and comfortable. They are not just for babies though, as the name suggests; a good quality baby bean bag should last your child well into their early childhood, as most recommend a maximum weight of 30kg. They offer not just comfort, but also have some great health benefits.

As with most baby related items however, they must adhere to strict guidelines. Although these will vary slightly in different counties, the concerns and standards are all about one thing and that is your baby’s safety.

All zipper tabs have been removed and a paper clip is used to open the bean bag.
All zipper tabs have been removed and a paper clip is used to open the bean bag.

Safety Zippers

All quality baby bean bags will be fitted with a safety zipper; with some even featuring two safety zippers (one on the inner liner and one on the actual bean bag). As bean bags are generally filled with polystyrene balls, it is extremely important that little hands cannot get a hold of them, as they pose a severe choking hazard. Safety zippers have had their tabs removed, meaning that they can only be opened by inserting a paper clip into the hole where the tab once was. This enables them to be opened, filled and closed safely by an adult, but prevents a baby or child from being able to. Not only does this prevent any choking hazard but it also prevents any accidental spillage.

The inner liner enables the bean bag cover to be removed without spilling out the beans.
The inner liner enables the bean bag cover to be removed without spilling out the beans.

Inner Liner

An inner liner is like the bladder of the bean bag and actually holds the polystyrene balls. It is made of a breathable lightweight, but durable fabric and is also fitted with a safety zipper. The idea of an inner liner is that it makes filling and emptying your bean bag quicker and easier, while also providing an extra barrier between the beans and the risk of a baby or child accessing them. Once the inner liner is filled and zipped up, it is then placed inside the bean bag itself, which is also zipped up (and all paper clips removed). Having an inner liner also makes being able to wash your bean bag quicker and easier, as there is no need to fully empty and refill it; just take out the inner liner which holds the beans and then reinsert it once the bean bag is clean and dry.

Three point safety harness to safely keep your baby in place
Three point safety harness to safely keep your baby in place

Safety Harness

Most bean bags for babies come with two interchangeable tops: one with a three point safety harness on it for babies from birth up until a suitable age (this will be different for each child) and the other top without the harness. When choosing a bean bag for your baby, always inspect the harness. Check that it is well secured and stitched to the interchangeable top. Also check that the clip on the harness fastens properly and is not loose or faulty. The three point safety harness is essential if you are using the bean bag for your baby, as it is what will keep them safe and in place and will prevent them from rolling off. With this feature you can be sure that your baby is safe at all times. It is strongly recommended though, that you do not leave a baby or small child unattended while using a baby bean bag.

Non-slip Base

While not essential, a non-slip base is an added safety feature to look for when purchasing a baby bean bag. Good quality bean bags for babies and children will often have a waterproof base, which is also non-slip. If using the bean bag on carpet only, then this is a feature you need not worry about but if you intend on placing the bean bag on any other surface that may become slippery when wet, then you might want to seek out this feature.

In conclusion, baby bean bags are a helpful and comfortable piece of furniture for your baby. They are also quite safe, providing your chosen one meets all the safety criteria.

Babies love their baby bean bags
Babies love their baby bean bags

Safety Checklist

Before purchasing a bean bag for your baby be sure to check the following:

  • All bean bag openings are fitted with safety zippers
  • The bean bag has an inner liner
  • The safety harness is in good working order and is well made
  • Check the base for non-slip material

Please remember that no baby or small child should be left unattended while using their baby bean bag.

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