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Small Cremation Urns Can Be Bigtime Practical

Updated on April 11, 2013
Small Cremation Urns in Various Colors
Small Cremation Urns in Various Colors | Source

Small Cremation Urns

A small cremation urn or keepsake can be a good alternative to a full sized urn for several reasons. A cremation urn's purpose, after all, is to create a meaningful memorial to the loved one that will inspire beautiful memories as time goes on. A small cremation urn will be equally capable of reflecting your loved one's style and spirit, and enhancing your home's decor with a piece of memorial art.

If your family has chosen to divide the ashes amongst family members, then you may collectively decide upon several matching small keepsake urns, or alternatively, letting each family member find a small urn of their own choosing - one that holds special meaning for them.

After the funeral or memorial service, it can be comforting to the immediate family to conduct a small and intimate scattering ceremony, and in this case, they may wish to retain a small portion of the ashes in one keepsake cremation urn, or in several urns for each family member. A keepsake urn will hold a few cubic inches of ashes (for example, the spherical urns pictured here can hold up to 35 cubic inches, or a smaller version of these urns will contain up to 12 cubic inches). Another alternative is a cremation jewelry pendant, which is really a very tiny urn that will contain a pinch of the ashes - some find it consoling to wear a cremation pendant next to their heart.

Smaller keepsake cremation urns can be appealing to some people simply due to their modest size. A full sized cremation urn, which will hold all the ashes in one vessel, is usually 10" to 12" tall and 8" wide or larger, and can create an imposing presence in one's home. A smaller, artistic keepsake urn, by comparison, can blend more readily into a room as a beautiful piece of art that only the family sees as the memorial to their loved one that it is to them. The pictured Iridescent Medium Spheres, for example, have a brass closure on the bottom for engraving name, dates, and a few thoughtful words as an epitaph. By placing the closure face-down in the stand, visitors will be met with a lovely object of art, whereas a family member may choose a quiet moment to pick it up and enjoy the comfort of holding it in their hands while reflecting on their loved one.

Finally, a smaller keepsake urn will be more affordable than its full sized counterpart, and after all the other funeral costs, this can be a welcome relief. Or, its cost effectiveness may allow families to upgrade to an heirloom quality piece that will reflect beauty and joy for many years and for generations to come.

Many options in cremation urns are evolving, as cremation becomes an increasingly favored choice over traditional burial. And going small can be big time practical for many families, and for various reasons.

Barbara Bergen is a designer of artistic cremation urns and keepsakes, at Cremation Urns by Legacy,

Morning Glory Keepsake Mini Urn
Morning Glory Keepsake Mini Urn | Source

Cremation Jewelry is Really a Very Small Urn


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    • Barbara Bergen profile image

      Barbara Bergen 5 years ago from Nelson, BC, Canada and Sarasota Florida, USA

      One final thought - there can be comfort in being able to hold a small keepsake urn in your hands, for moments of loving remembrance.