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The goose that laid the golden egg: A small story for kids

Updated on July 8, 2015

Small stories for kids: The goose that laid the golden egg

Small stories for kids, such as the story of the goose that laid the golden egg, are numerous - and kids often love listening to stories. Story telling for kids should be an important part of both their education and entertainment. Progressively, telling kids stories, reading aloud out stories to kids and reading along with them could inculcate in them a desire to read for themselves which is a good thing, for reading is a key skill.

Many ancient kids stories have a moral and moral stories for kids may help in conveying morals and values one may wish them to hold. The story of the goose that laid the golden egg is one such moral story which is often told to kids to convince them to not be greedy.

The goose that laid the golden egg

Once upon a time, there lived a poor man in a village. His name was Ramu and he lived in an old hut. All he had was the clothes he was wearing. He did odd jobs for the villagers from time to time and managed to earn just enough to get a small meal or two each day. Some days when there was no job, even that was not possible and he had to sleep hungry.

The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu is very hungry
The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu is very hungry

One such day, when there was no work for him, Ramu was just wandering about feeling quite hungry. Suddenly, he saw a goose going by. Ramu ran and caught the goose thinking, "Ah! This is my lucky day. I can cook and eat this nice, fat goose. I am very hungry."

But to his surprise the goose began to speak! "Ramu," said the goose, "I am no ordinary goose. I am a magic goose. And you know what! I can actually lay golden eggs! So don't eat me up. I shall come home with you. You can have golden eggs from me."

The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu talks with the goose
The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu talks with the goose

Ramu was very surprised. A goose that talked! And claimed to lay golden eggs! "Well," he thought, "wonders never cease. Anyway, what do I lose but a solitary dinner, which I am quite used to doing without. Let me try out the goose. Maybe it will really give me golden eggs and my entire life can change!"

"All right," he told the goose. "You shall come to my house as my guest. But don't forget to give me a golden egg each day. I shall shall soon be known as a rich man rather than as "poor Ramu" and you shall be known as "the goose that laid the golden egg."

The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu sells the golden egg for a lot of money
The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu sells the golden egg for a lot of money

So Ramu took home the goose. He slept on an empty stomach that night but somehow found some leftovers to feed the goose.

Ramu's sleep was filled with dreams that night. And guess what he dreamt about - Of course of gold and lots of money. He woke up in great excitement, his first thought about the goose that was to lay a golden egg. He rushed to where the goose was - and found a golden egg!

Ramu was ecstatic with joy. He took the golden egg and rushed to the market in the nearby town. He sold the golden egg. He got a lot of money for it, gold being so very expensive.

Ramu got himself a new set of clothes and many things to eat. He did not forget the goose and bought good things for it also to eat. He spent his day in great joy and excitement - with only one thought - was the golden egg a one-time phenomenon or would he get one each day? He could hardly contain his excitement as he eagerly waited for the next day.

The next day, Ramu again awoke with just one thought - that of the goose that laid the golden egg. He rushed to the goose. And he found another golden egg. Ramu was overjoyed.

Once again he took the golden egg to the market and sold it.

The goose gave Ramu a golden egg each day. Soon poor Ramu became a rich man. His old hut gave way to a beautiful house. He wore fine clothes, ate good food and didn't have to do any work at all!

Ramu thus lived a happy life. But alas, soon he began to get greedy. "Why should I wait for a golden egg, each day? Why should I go to the market every day?" he thought. "Let me just cut open the goose. That way I can get all the golden eggs toady itself," he foolishly thought. And without a thought about killing the poor goose that made him so rich, he rushed to the goose to cut it open and take all the golden eggs he foolishly thought were inside the goose.

The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu kills the goose
The goose that laid the golden egg - Ramu kills the goose

Ramu cut open the goose. The poor goose died. Of course there were absolutely no golden eggs inside the goose. Ramu was extremely sad.

"How foolish and wrong of me to have killed the poor goose," he thought. "I was getting a golden egg each day. Now I shall have no more eggs. I wish I had not been so greedy," he cried.

The goose that laid the golden egg - moral

As Ramu found out and repented, It is not good to be greedy. It can cause us to lose even what we already have.

Small stories for kids - benefits

There are many, many such small stories for kids like that of the goose that laid the golden egg. Telling or reading aloud stories to children not only helps keep them entertained and help you spend quality time with them, but are also educative and can be used as a means to convey important morals and values. Moreover a love of reading can also be inculcated in children by such story telling times. And that is a wonderful gift to give a child.

Small stories for kids - videos

Many small stories for kids are available as animated videos. Seeing the story as a video may appeal to children. The story of the goose that laid the golden egg is shown in the video below.

The goose that laid the golden egg - video

Another small kids story - The thirsty crow - video


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      3 years ago

      Super story and tell a high moral thankyou


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