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Social Importance of Self-Esteem in the Child

Updated on February 27, 2016


Self esteem can be described as the collection of feelings and beliefs that one has about oneself. Self esteem is a type of self awareness and in a child, the self esteem is important because influences the attitudes, the motivations and the behaviors of a child. The self esteem of a child needs to be therefore nurtured by the parents of the child; otherwise the child may have lots of social adjustment and emotional adjustment problems in later life.

Self Esteem Patterns

The self esteem patterns appear in a child at a very early age. For instance, when a toddler learns how to roll over properly, she would experience a feeling of achievement which would help to improve the self esteem of the toddler. Although these little achievements during early childhood is not given importance, the truth is that small accomplishments such as being able to walk ten steps before falling down or being rewarded by the parents for saying one’s name properly helps the child to get positive feedback on one’s actions, which improves her self esteem.

Importance of Self Esteem

Having a positive self esteem will also help the child in having a better success in school and help him deal with any problems that she might have with her self confidence. Children who have a better self esteem can deal with peer pressure much better, they will not have depression so easily, and importantly they will be vety popular socially.

Therefore, it is essential that the self esteem of the child is developed and the parents play an important role in helping their child develop self confidence. It is although difficult to teach a child self confidence in early childhood. Just as teaching a child how to respect others, how to appreciate all types of people and how to be disciplined, it’s important that the parents teach a child how to have a positive idea about oneself, or have self esteem.

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Self Esteem is Developed, not Taught

It is hard to teach self esteem in a child, self esteem is generally developed on one’s own. As parents, there are a number of ways in which self esteem of the child can be increased. Some of them include watching what is being said by the child, praising the child for their efforts, even if their effort is not successful, rewarding the child for their efforts, being a role model for the child, creating a safe and loving environment at home, and avoiding quarrels and conflicts at home.

The Bottomline

Helping the child to be involved in positive activities helps in the development of elf esteem too. If self esteem is not developed properly during childhood, it leads to various social adjustment problems in the teenage. Hence self esteem is a one of the most valuable tools of a child which helps her to be successful in the social environment during adult years.


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