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Sometimes Moms get to dress up

Updated on April 30, 2015

I'm really not sure about the rest of the world but I just don't get out much. Well maybe I should rephrase that because I could be consered living in my car as much as I drive the kids around. I don't get out a lot for a girls night or kid free zone enough. I love my kids and I cherish every second I get with the many little me I decided to have. When I do finally get to go out without the kids I spend way too much time looking for the best outfit. I want pepole to know I didn't loose my spark and I can still rock my high heels like I did before the kids.

When I'm done finding the perfect outfit I head to the bathroom to put on my ladies night out face. I open my bag of makeup only to find my best makeup, brushes and pencils are all missing. I struggle looking around hoping my LancĂ´me just fell out and was not stolen by small little children that most likely used it all on a doll. So after I realize that it has in fact been stolen I yell for my daughters knowing all I will hear is "I don't know". When that is over and the frustration has kicked in I put on whatever makeup I have and feel a little better.

Now I'm moving on to do my hair so I can get that look that nobody has seen me in for a long time. I remove the ponytail knowing at any moment a child could come close with gum or a lollipop. I quicky do my hair and spray it tight because this is going to last for tonight. By this point the little stalkers I call my children have noticed Mom's ponytail is gone and she looks pretty. So the guilt trip starts along with the many many questions they have about my evening plans. I tell them I won't be long and how much I will miss them so they do the guilt trip face some more.

It's now time to leave the bathroom and wait for my girlfriends to pick me up and I'm sure most ladies know the fear that comes with this. I'm surrounded by sticky and eager to get me dirty fingers. The dog must even stay away because his hair is like a magnet to this dress. I wonder should I sit or stand because if I sit one of my kids could drop something on me. So now I stand and the reminder I haven't worn heals is kicking in.

All the sudden I'm extremely sleepy and wondering if going out was really the best idea for tonight. I have to snap out of this because I got dressed up and everything. I'm checking my phone every thirty seconds for the time and a text saying they are at my house to get me. Every second feels like a minute because I'm still being drilled by the kids about leaving for the night. The dog is feeling extra needy so I tell a child to play with him but just not close to me. Then I feel it I have a child's hands on me and yes they are covered in sour cream.

So now I rush back to the bedroom so I can find my second choice wich I'm sure is around somewhere close. My phone is ringing because my friends are here and I'm in my underwear. So I throw the other dress on knowing it just messed up my hair and realize the shoes now don't match. I grab any pair that matches and my cell phone to tell my friends I'm almost ready. I'm dressed and ready to go and my only obstacle now is getting out the front door. I manage to move very fast and blow kisses as I rush out the door for my very rare night away from the kids.

How many times do you get kid free night?

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