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Sometimes Too Much Pampering Gives You A Negative FeedBack

Updated on March 3, 2012

Yes, once you give birth to a child and start taking care of him/her so much that without asking them you provide them all the facilities and luxuries.

All your care and love is for your child but with passage of time your love increases and your child's love towards you decreases because he/she is becoming bigger. Children take everything for granted that our parent will do it.

Supposedly if they have come from outside they would be expecting that their things would be at its place, there would be food in the refrigerator, their cupboard would be fixed and this all must be done by a maid but to supervise a maid they do not have time. They expect that also from their parent because from the very beginning we made them like this and it is our mistake that we had never put any sort of burden on our children except studies.

As a parent we feel pride when our child brings good grades in their exams. When they bring medals, shields or certificates of excellence, it gives us happiness that if we have given them our full support, they have proved themselves in their respective fields.

If children stay out for long we start to worry about them but with passage of time we should start trusting our children that if they are out they will not do anything wrong which will embarrass their parents rather we should feel happy that our child has grown up and can take care of himself/herself. Remaining time parents should give to themselves.

We get life only for once and as a parent we have provided everything to them and now it is our time that we should get returns.

We should start giving our children full support and confidence that now they can do everything on their own starting from the household work, driving, studies and jobs.

Like this they will be independent on their own and we do not have to worry about them, that how they will manage things without us.

Last but not the least parents and children heart should be full of love for each other instead of hatred.

We should stop pampering our children and they would realise that today whatever they are, it is just because of our full support.


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