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Spend Quality Time with Family by Creating a Family Day

Updated on August 26, 2012

Doing things together as a family can be a great way to increase emotional bonding and increase communication. Sometimes, due to other commitments in our lives, it is difficult to find quality time to spend with family members. Why not take one day during the week to make it a family day or night?There are many places and many things to do that can make the time spent together valuable time. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Grub and Munchies Night

Take one night in the week and make a night for everyone to be at dinner. Due to other distractions in life, it can be difficult for everyone to make it to the dinner table in the evening. For families that have dinner together every night, make one night special and different. Create a Grub and Munchies Night and make it unique. It could be a night where each person can bring a favorite food or dessert. Make sure to bring enough so that everyone can have a sampling. This could also be a time to talk about the events of the week or special moments that happened during the week. Everyone should have a chance to talk and express themselves; even if there is no news to report just say something from the heart.

Movie Night

It can be satisfying to sit down with family members and enjoy good movies. Today there are many different ways to do this. Cable companies offer movies at a low price and there are companies such as Netflix and Block Buster Videos that make obtaining a movie very easy. Families can also choose to see a movie outdoors together; the Parks Department offers movies during the summer for people to enjoy. Deciding on how to find the movie is the easy part. Now, focus on how to make the night special. Maybe parents and kids can make popcorn or S’mores together. Add some large pillows on the floor and cuddle together. Just try to make that particular day a day to remember, and something that the kids will remember and look forward to.

Get Up and Get Moving Day

There are so many different physical activities that families can do together and they are offered right in the neighborhood. Some examples of physical activities that a family can experience together are; kayaking and canoeing, nature walks, and bike tours. During the winter it can be difficult to find various activities to do. Here are some ideas: turn on the Wii and get moving, take a winter nature walk with the Parks Department, hit the malls and the museums, find an indoor water park and have a blast.

Spending time with the family is very important to strengthening the familial bond. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to do this, but make one day during the week a family day really makes a difference in the lives of parents and children. Take a look at some of these family day ideasand start your family day today.


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