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Spending Time With Your Little Princess

Updated on May 29, 2012

If you are like me you have a little girl on your hands that is a princess. Lovely, sweet, and very excited to see all the fun and frills that come along with being a girl. In our house my princess and I are surrounded by 3 boys. That fact translates to us needing to have our own special time together. So with this in mind I started "spa days" with my girly girl. She and I are allowed to be silly together and do things we enjoy together.

Tea Party

To have a tea party with your daughter is a wonderful experience. Sitting down with her and her Barbies and stuffed animals is a great way to get to know more about what she feels or thinks. The imaginative play is a relaxing environment and watching your baby serve tea to her "friends" and her special guest "you" is a very heartwarming experience. So bust out the chairs, little table, and plastic dishes! Setting the table and using flowers that maybe you found together or made together from construction paper is a wonderful special touch for your tea party.

Dress Up

Part of the fun of having a little girl is dressing her up! So it stands to reason that part of the fun of having a mommy would be dressing her up. Letting your little girl pick out some clothing for you to wear is a wonderful fun for her and for you. Let her pick out whatever she wants and allow her to throw 10 necklaces on you if she wants. Now it’s your turn, pick out a cute outfit for your little princess! Let her put makeup on you and you can return the favor for her.

The Spa Portion

Grab your bath robes and slippers and head for the bathroom! Wash you faces and light a candle (being careful to tell your princess it is not for touching JUST for smelling). Put your hair up and then put on a mud mask while you paint each other’s nails. As the mask is drying you can have a fun drink, like a strawberry lemonade with a little triangle peanut butter sandwich.

Movie time

After your “spa” time watching a princess movie is the perfect end to your girl time. Have fun with your girl snuggled under a blanket in your pajamas with a large bowl of popcorn and M&M’s. It will be a fun ending to a very fun day that you were able to spend with that special little princess.


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