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Spending quality time with family

Updated on November 9, 2011

can be tough in this day and age...

Do you ever feel that you are losing your family because they are busy doing things like playing games on the internet, hanging out with their friends or talking on their cell phones all the time? They would rather be doing other things. While you prepare a decked out meal for dinner, they decide they are going to their friends' houses and will have pizza or other junk foods there instead. It has to be very frustrating for you as a parent to have to deal with your kids not being at home to spend time with you. Or, if they are home, they are too busy to spend that time with you.

As a kid, I was made to have at least one meal at home every day, even if I was going to be out the whole day. My mom was and still is not a housewife. She has been working part time since I was born. However, she made sure that my dad and I had our meals or made sure there was some food to be warmed up on the stove or in the microwave. She would make sure that she was home for at least one meal of the day. My dad was also very busy working full time, so he usually only came home for dinners. So we would plan to have dinners at home on most days of the week. Back then, we didn't have the internet or cell phones. We would have the outdoors to play, the kids across the street, board games and just plain good old face to face conversation.

Now, with the internet, graphic computer games and cell phones, who hasthe time for a face to face conversation? It's really sad, and sometimes I just look for my husband or my friends to sit and chat with face to face.

If you want to have some time with your family, here are some tips that can help you gather your family together at least two-three times a week:

1) Make a game night. Have your kids choose the board game or interactive game that the whole family can participate in so that everyone can enjoy the game. Some examples are Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Life, Twister, Chutes and Ladders, Pictionary, etc.

2) Suggest having dinner at home. If you normally make the meals or get the meals prepared for your family, let the family know that you are going to make the meals on certain nights of the week and that the kids/spouse cannot go anywhere with their friends on those nights. Step up and be the parent. Don't let your kids (or your spouse) walk all over you.

3) Encourage that your kids exercise more outside (or even play ball with their friends outside) more often. That will help them maintain a healthy weight and keep them from developing obesity, which is on the rise in children these days. These obese children are more prone to Diabetes and Heart Disease.

4) Allow your kids about 1-2 hours of computer time per day as a reward for having done their homework or studied for a test. Chances are your kids will come to enjoy being rewarded for having done their work. The same goes with watching television. Make sure your children don't watch more than 2 hours of television per day.

These are the main points that I think need to get across to your spouse and your children. If you have any other pointers or suggestions, please feel free to comment.


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    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 6 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

      Hi Family2010!

      Thank you so much for your comments! It is really tough in this day and age with all the new technology out there to just be a family. Children (and spouses) want to play with them all day. So they seem to get distracted from the more important aspects of life, like family and good old face to face conversation.

      Hopefully these ideas will help struggling parents to bond more with their children. Thanks for following this hub! :)

    • family2010 profile image

      family2010 6 years ago

      Could not agree more. I have majored in Child development and earned my entire bachelor degree in that regard. I wanted to make sure that I as a mother understand their physical and their mental development as well. I was glad that I have used the behavioral theory that I studied and apply it to my parental skills. And I can tell that your hub is just excellent and well done. You can consider me one of your followers right this moment.