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8 Sports for Non Athletic Kids

Updated on March 24, 2011

Not all kids are into sports, and parents really need to respect that. There is nothing worse than a nagging parent insisting you partake in some stupid past-time just because they think you should! At the same time, you may simply be offering the wrong activities. Take me, for example: I hated any sport that involved running for more than a minute or so at a time. This ruled out soccer, field hockey, basketball, tennis, and things that I just had no interest in doing. At the same time, there were sports I absolutely loved, and was fortunate enough to have the chance to do. The following is a list of non-athletic sports that kids who hate running around (or can't, due to medical reasons) might enjoy.

Horseback riding

There's no running around with this sport, but if you're taking proper lessons, your thighs will get one hell of a workout via posting, jumping and just generally holding yourself in the saddle. I trained and competed for many years, and I never felt overexerted or exhausted from riding. If your kid hates the sports they offer at school, this may be one he or she loves.


I've been competing at pool since I was 13 and I was 11 when I started learning. I was lucky in that I was able to play for free a lot of the time, otherwise, this can be an expensive hobby. You don't have to rush out and buy a pool table, but if you do, you'll probably be the coolest parents on the block.


Hey, you might have the next Tiger Woods sitting across the kitchen table from you. No running around in this game, to be sure. You do need some upper body strength, obviously, but it should be safe for kids who overheat or have issues with running about.


I think I was an Amazon in a past life, because I have always loved archery, and I excelled at it. There are junior archery leagues around and kids love playing Robin Hood. Again, you need some upper body strength, but not much. Archery is great fun kids love it!


Some parents get freaked out about this one, but for those who don't, shooting is a lot of fun and teaches kids how to use and respect a firearm. You do not have to buy one and keep it in your house. I loved riflemen competitions at camp, they were loads of fun.


What kid doesn't like bowling? No running around in this sport, just hideous clothing and shoes. I always wanted my own bowling ball with my name on it -- your kids would probably love to have the same thing if they had the chance to get into this sport.


Curling is like shuffleboard on ice. At least, that's what it seems like to me. There is actually an Olympic category for this, so it's definitely a sport!

Table tennis (ping pong)

You may not think of this as a sport, but thems would be fighting words in Asia! Have you seen the Chinese play this? I wouldn't mess with them! Another Olympic category, so don't think this one isn't a sport!


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