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Spring cleaning with kids

Updated on March 29, 2013

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task all by itself, let alone when you try to get your kids to do it.There’s always the fits of ‘I have to have that’ and ‘I wear that all the time’ when you come across broken toys and their favorite clothes that no longer fit. Yet somehow you don’t get an argument about the stack of sweaters that Grandma has sent over the last year. Go figure. So the question remains, how do you get your kids to do spring cleaning?

Begin by setting a good example

Your kids are more apt to do what you ask if they see you doing it too. Plain and simple, if they see you eating healthy, they’re more likely to follow suit. The same follows for other activities around the house such as cleaning, organizing, and throwing out unnecessary items.

Keep it simple

Try to keep the task as simple as possible, don’t make the spring cleaning a task that only a professional organizer could hope to tackle. For example instead of having a bin for trash and a bin for donating as well as a bin for garage sale, just have a bin for ‘stuff to get rid of’ and you can go through it later.

Make it fun

Kids love games, turn the music on, dance around, kid about how silly your outdated clothes are... Try to keep the mood as light-hearted as possible. Make a chart of all the rooms in the house and let the kids put a sticker on it for every room you go through. Give yourselves a small treat like a frozen yogurt or a trip to the dollar store when you reach a goal you’ve set.

Stay positive

Spring cleaning doesn’t usually happen all in one day,try not to get overwhelmed and keep a positive attitude so that your kids don’t get discouraged and give up. Give them lots of praise for small accomplishments. You’d be surprised how far positive reinforcement will go.

Hold a yard sale

Let the kids have their own table at a yard sale and earn spending money from things they no longer use. This is a great motivator, kids love money, especially change and small bills. They will be perfectly happy if they make 5 dollars at their own yard sale. As a parent do not underestimate the power of this tool, however at the same time don’t hype it up too much either as you don’t want them to be disappointed if they don’t reach a ‘sales goal’.

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    • sflit profile image

      Adam 5 years ago from Louisiana

      Ha I must say I like the garage sale idea, kids go crazy for some spare cash. Cheap labor for the win.