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Spring yourself into excercise

Updated on November 2, 2014

Getting Out is great!

April showers may dampen for hours but nothing will keep me inside! It's finally here and getting outside not just about exercise it's about sanity. Seeing the sun, feeling it on my face is the equivalent of a mental spa treatment. It's time to dust off the equipment and head outside.

Lawn darts, croquet, hillbilly golf, corn-hole, or badminton are sure to get everyone out of the house to start. Then take a bike ride, scooter ride or get out the skateboards and roller blades. Want a real challenge try playing badminton while on wheels. Ever play tag on wheels? It's fun but make sure your first aid kit is handy.

Next get out every ball you can find. Play catch, hit some grounders or set up your own field with scraps from your recycling bin. Need some inspiration watch the Sandlot a great movie and a reminder that playing baseball can be FUN!

Pass the football back and forth and see how many passes you can get in before someone lets it hit the ground. Set up a little friendly competition and see who can Punt, Pass, and Kick the farthest. Loser does the dishes after dinner.

Shoot some hoops - replay the final four - may the best team win! Play P-I-G or H-O-R-S-E. Other favorites are Knockout or Around the World or have a foul shot or dunk contest.

Still have a four square ball-these have endless possibilities from crazy games of four square (only backwards upside down through your legs) to kickball to garbage-ball. Are we the only ones who play this? We didn't have a hoop for a long time so we used a garbage can.

When you've covered all of that get out the tennis racquet's or golf clubs. Don't have the equipment? Head to garage sales or even a dollar store or places like Play it Again Sports. It will be worth every penny.

One of the funniest afternoons we had was playing golf in the front yard with a small plastic golf set. The kids were beating us and loving it. One of our favorite outdoor toys on any nice day is a Dollar Store trackball set. Hula Hoops, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, use these by themselves or put them together in an outdoor obstacle course.

Watch for more game ideas coming soon - but for now turn off the computer and go outside!


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