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Stages of Development of A Child to be Successful: Parenting Advice

Updated on May 27, 2018
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Halley is a man who wants to share his experience through writing. I am excited about new things, especially social relationships.

success of life
success of life | Source
baby | Source

The story of every human life begins when he was first born. The state of humanity is weak and powerless like any other creature in need of protection and control. Through human love and affection grows to be big and mature. Slowly, the baby grows and develops into a small child. then, become funny kids, become teenagers who can decide a desire, and become a mature human being who knows good and bad in acting.

When we are babies, we forget all the affections of parents. Forgetting naturally is not intentional. it is because the human mindset is constantly evolving so often forget the small and simple things. The story of life begins at the beginning of every human life, with various developments experienced by every human being. we have each story.

The First Phase

The first stage begins naturally, man can not choose where he is born and raised. Human stage at that time is the ability of brain power and memory that can not record well all the events that occur in Toddler (Baby Five Years).

This first phase forms the basis for the fulfillment of physical needs. Adequate nutrition, measured through full nutritious food along with intensive parental control to care for the baby.

This phase can also show that parenting will play an important role in future growth and success. That is, a healthy and well-preserved toddler will show good and normal growth and development at that time. Proper parenting is the first stage a person can experience in life. care based on love and affection. That's how this first stage should begin...

Children | Source

The Second Phase

The second stage is the childhood, the age of education is increasingly important to determine the future. Successful children usually get the best education from both parents. Living in caress of both caring and caring parents. and do not get the education of violence and negative behavior that parents give. If within the age range of 5 to 13 this year a child gets affection based on good guidance and proper supervision. The child will become a responsible adult and ready to face challenges. Child's readiness is the basic capital of success later on.

This moment is also when a child is recording all events well. all the good memories will be attached and he conveyed to the other man. The memory is like a proverb I understand, it says "Like writing on a rock" which means after a child learns he will remember it well in the future.

for example, someone with the knowledge and skill of swimming, that person would not drown. Instead, the acts of violence he receives will be remembered and applied around him to illustrate the feelings he gets.

Parents become the first example to create successful children. Negative words and behavior of parents, should not be conveyed to a child, should not be embedded easily. If the child makes a mistake. guide and teach with patience. Stages of these children are also often called try and wrong "try and error". The role of parents is still very important in this stage.

Teenager | Source

The Third Phase

The best education is in the family. Formal education is complementary. Not the other way around, many parents expect their children to go to high-quality places to shape their children. Toddlers who have grown into children. changed into, children who enter the phase of physical growth or we understand with the transition period. Children growing up. the other name is "Teenagers".

Adolescence is a time when children begin to recognize themselves and identify who they really are. A teenager who thinks only on his own pleasure and needs will cause the teen to become a person who behaves negatively.

Conversely, there are teenagers who recognize the existence of himself as a whole person. His virtue as a human being with various roles as; Children, friends, students can even be mentors for other teenagers. This is the beginning of his success.

Teenagers like this have a high social spirit and are not only selfish in person. However, it can play a role for the environment and society.

The teenage phase can be a simple description of the future success of a human being. The ability of this period is very difficult to describe. Teenagers are not familiar with the word success.

This period, the goal is only to achieve personal interests. Building character or soul is needed today. The environment also greatly affects teenagers to solve the problems it faces.

This third phase is not a measure of human success. because everything that happens can be the opposite. Not successful. However, future destruction is not subject to good guidance and lessons about attitudes. arrogance is also a poison that can turn success into destruction. This stage is important and must be experienced by every successful person.

Two examples of cases are usually experienced by adolescents.

Teenage case example 1: A child from a rich and prosperous family. Always meet his needs, reach the school. Never make mistakes because it is always justified by his parents. He destroys electronics out of anger and his parents say "it's okay we'll buy new ones" such values ​​can also be fatal. Because teenagers like this, never solve problems in his life independently.

Teenage case example 2: A child who comes from an ordinary or ordinary family who is taught a sense of responsibility. This teen takes two mangoes in one's garden, which will be given to the parents of her young pregnant friends. This action is illegal and wrong.

While his intention to give to others in need is truly commendable. This is when proper education is needed for this issue. The basis of the child's success is already visible when he acts to please others. The teenager was then punished by his parents. He could be incarcerated or given a job by the owner of the fruit to replace what was taken.

Whatever the form of punishment, this teen will understand that what he is doing remains wrong. After that this teenager will become a more careful person in every action. Successfully do good without committing a crime.

Two examples of cases of adolescent behavior above are a small picture of the complexity of life.


based on the above two cases. Which do you go through?

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The Fourth Phase

Success that the author means does not mean your life should all be on the right track. Life sometimes has twists and turns. The climb, the bend and the bumpy road become its own color for us to pass.

After the phases above a man will enter his personal image of what has been passed in the past.

This time you do not need anything else. My opinions and messages to you are as follows: "Bury your past is full of bad memories and stop nostalgic with beautiful memories that make you fall asleep". Adulthood is, proof that you are a criterion of successful people. Adults where you stand is a true self full of responsibility, honest behavior and accept the various forms of circumstances.

This period varies the complexity of the problems you encounter. Various solutions you study the cause of the consequences. After that your understanding will emerge from the events and problems you are able to resolve. But, you always remind yourself! To solve it in a good way?

success through hard work
success through hard work | Source

Four Understandings of Human Success

1. Success is the material needs are met, you can do anything as you wish. That means you are a rich man.

2. Success is that you have a social soul that is able to change the order with your presence. then, you become the main character, have the ability to play an important role in the environment and become beneficial to others.

3. Success is the psychological state of your soul today, that you become a human who understand the world and understand, you have many tasks in this life.

To share with each other, and to understand the souls of others intrinsically and intact. with many questions like below.

What should I do during my life?

What do I have and can do?

What have not I done yet?

Without breaking another soul.

4. Success is (universal) life is a true success that can not be measured by other human beings. This success is only he who senses. personal with many of the life processes that he sees from his gratitude for life. This man will cover himself with simplicity. Treasure, fame and influence will not be entered into another human being. The big deal is only shared for the needs of others such as helping relatives and surrounding in need. His fame did not make him a proud man. He will say "I am like this because of your help all". His influence is only for good without thinking of him being exploited by other human beings.


what do you do when it fails?

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Four stages above. Authors group with reverse thinking based on human perception. Successful people are often judged and seen only from material, or possessions? I invite you to understand the fourth point as important in human life. This stage is a true success for everyone, when he became a human being. There is not much I can say about the "adult" phase when you find this paper and read it. Read and re-understand where you are at that stage. Suffice you to understand that you are part of a mature soul and learning to mature. No need to talk about it because words are just an illustration of your life. In fact, what you do and try is a process leading to the true meaning of maturity to succeed.

That's the key to your own success. Keep doing it by doing good, trying to be good, keep going in goodness in the environment and your life.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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    • Halley Indonesia profile imageAUTHOR

      Halley Kawistoro 

      4 months ago from Indonesia

      Differences will not erase human nature as being born clean. we will always seek ourselves for others. thank you for your guidance and advice Manatita44.

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 months ago from london

      A nice look at the different stages and also parenting; the responsibilities of the school. Useful advice towards the end.


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