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Starting A Preschool

Updated on February 8, 2012

Starting A Preschool Is Fun & Easy!

Starting A Preschool Is Fun & Easy!
Starting A Preschool Is Fun & Easy!

Starting A Preschool 101

Starting a preschool is easier than you might think!

For me, it literally changed my life when I accidentally stumbled on it a few years ago…

This is my true story of how my life changed and hopefully it inspires you too! :-)

I’m also going to share with you some nuggets of wisdom for starting your very own preschool in your home!

A couple of years ago…overnight I became a single mom to 3 kids that I love. And even worse I had never worked outside the home before, I had no work experience and really did not want to leave my kids in daycare all day while I was out working.

I wanted to stay home with my kids!

The thought crossed my mind on starting a daycare, but the long hours really weren’t for me.

Can you imagine working for 12 hours a day while parents drop off their kids at 6 - 7 am and are at work till 6 - 7 pm?? Definitely not for me!!

I was losing sleep worrying about money and didn’t know what to do.

Then I remembered an old friend told me once she had started a preschool in her home and made great money too! It seemed like is a much better alternative to daycare.

After doing some numbers…I realized that starting a preschool pays GREAT (actually more than most daycares!) and you only have to work a maximum of 5 hours a day! PLUS, I would get to stay home with my kids all day while giving thtem a quality education from home!

It sounded too good to be true. I decided I’d do it. I’d test it out… You see I’m not one that half-heartily goes after something. I jumped right in, and decided this is GOING to work for me! And lo and behold it did…keep reading…

I'm now enjoying a full-time income, only working 5 short hours a day!

Plus I get to stay home with my children all day, while they receive a quality education!!

It turned out to be one of the best thing that has ever happened to my family.

Starting A Preschool

My Class At The Park!
My Class At The Park!

Since then, I’ve helped out 1,000’s of women who have needed supplemental income or even a full-time income and are now able to stay home and make a great living!

I get a lot of questions about starting a preschool in homes, so I wanted to cover some of the most important questions so that you have an informed decision on if starting a preschool is right for you.

Why Start A Preschool And Not Start A Daycare?

Great question! I get asked this a lot. Well to be honest with you, by starting a preschool you’ll work less and get paid more. To me this is huge! With a preschool I only have to work 5 hours a day vs. 12 hours a day with daycare! Also parents pay more for a preschool education than just putting their kids into daycare. It’s easy to see why starting a preschool over a daycare is the best choice any day!

What Are The Requirements For Starting A Preschool?

State Licensing Requirements

Each state or country is different. Some states require only the bare minimums to get up and running, other states are much stricter with how many kids you can teach in the home, etc. There are even some states which require a degree in Early Childhood Development. If you find this is the case for your state or country there are still ways you can start a preschool. You just might to have to get a little creative. For most states though, this is not a problem as most of them do not have strict licensing requirements.

CPR/First Aid

Most states require you to be certified in CPR/First Aid. You can have this done at your local Red Cross, a local hospital or other reputable places. I got certified at my local hospital. It only takes a couple of hours, but learning this important skill is crucial and saves lives!

CPR/First Aid

Get CPR Certified Before Starting A Preschool
Get CPR Certified Before Starting A Preschool

Health Inspection/Fire Inspection

Before you open up your home to start a preschool, you’ll need to have the county inspectors come by for a routine health and fire inspection. This is to make sure your home doesn’t present hazards to any of the kids. If you have a pool in the backyard you’ll need to take precautions to make sure that no children could accidentally fall in, like a fence that surrounds the pool.

Background Check

This is a routine check to make sure you don’t have any history which might prevent you from working with children.

Education & Experience Requirements

As I talked about earlier, most states do not require any kind of degree or certificate from a college. The best way to learn if you are starting a preschool is to visit the libarary often. You’d be surprised at how much knowledge is at your local library!

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

Starting a preschool in your home doesn’t need to take too long. There are many factors that will determine how fast you can get your preschool up and running. One of those is your motivation.

What is driving you to Start A Preschool?

  • Is it that you are tired of worrying about money each month, but desperately want to stay home with your children?
  • Are you in debt right now?
  • Do you just love teaching children and want to work around kids?
  • Are you a single mom that needs to provide income for your family?
  • Maybe you are a current or retired teacher that wants to use your wealth of experience to bring in some extra money…

Whatever it is that drives you, you NEED to have a burning desire to follow through. You’ll become your own boss. And this is a good thing! :) The stronger the motivation the faster you will get your preschool up and running.

I got my preschool up and running within a few weeks. From what I have seen this very rapid, most people with normal work schedules can get their preschool up and running within a few months.

For me, it was not a question of IF it will happen…it was only WHEN was it happening. My main motivation was taking care of my kids, and plus I knew how much money you can make by starting a preschool!

Speaking of money lets look at how much YOU can make by starting a preschool in your home.

How Much Can I Make?

Start A Preschool & Get PAID!

OK, here is where the rubber meets the road. Lets look at a few numbers here…

Part-Time Income

If you are only teaching 5 hours a WEEK, and you have 10 children in each class, you should expect somewhere around $500-$2000 a month. Of course depending on how much you charge, will depend on how much you make. I go into the ins and outs of determining how much you should charge when starting a preschool in my FREE CD.

Full-Time Income

If you are looking to replace you or your spouse’s income then consider this... You only need to work 5 hours a DAY with only 10 children in a class to make between $2,000-$4000+ a month! In fact in some areas, where parents are used to paying a premium for their children’s education (most major cities) you can make even more than $4,000 a month! This is great money considering you are only working 5 HOURS a day!

What Does My Average Day Look Like?

8:00am - My typical day consists of average mom stuff like getting my older kids off ready and off to school in the morning.

9:00am – Welcome the preschool kids into my home (This is my favorite part because as soon as I open up the garage door, instantly kids from everywhere come running out of their parents car ready to give Miss Joy a hug!)

9:10am – Teach preschool (Arts/Crafts, Snack Time, Story Time, Letter Time, Music & Movement, Play At The Park, etc.)

11:30am – Say goodbye to my morning class, as their parents come to pick them up.

11:30am – 12:00pm – Eat lunch with my children

12:00pm – Welcome another class, repeat until 2:30pm

2:30pm – Say goodbye to my afternoon class, as their parents come to pick them up.

2:30pm – Rest of the Day – HANG OUT WITH MY FAMILY

I hope you got some great ideas about starting your own preschool in your home. It works for me and has provided my family a healthy income while I’ve been able to spend quality time with my kids.

Starting a preschool is fun and a great way to make money too! Come by and visit me today at today! I have many things I can’t wait to share with you! See ya soon! ;-)

Starting A Preschool Gave Me Back My Kids!

Starting A Preschool Gave Me Back My Kids!
Starting A Preschool Gave Me Back My Kids!

Which Childcare Option Is Better For A SAHM?

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    • profile image

      Melissa 2 years ago

      Ok, all of these entries seem like they were from a long time ago, but this something I have been dreaming of for all long time now. In the Midwest however, it seems we have many 2 income families. How did you overcome this when marketing your business as a preschool, not a childcare?

    • profile image

      Hanuman Singh Champawat 2 years ago

      I am very inspired from u & I am intresting in....Thanks

    • profile image

      Rachel 3 years ago

      How can I get more information from you (the cd you mentioned?) I have an undergrad in education and a masters in education and love this idea! I've been attempting to research preschool programs for months for my daughter and continue to be disappointed. Some are just too expensive, others are too much like a daycare and most of them don't have near enough educational value. I'd love more input.

      My email is

    • profile image

      sara 3 years ago

      Hi I recently am getting a preschool started in Michigan! I was wondering if you had tips on easing a parents mind when you tell them you have no teaching degree, and never worked in a preschool? I do have 4 children, 2 I teach myself as a stay at home mom, and I did volunteer at my church daycare but I'm worried parents will be unpleased with no actual experience. Thank you so much for the help!

    • profile image

      GinnyLynn 4 years ago

      I am a former public school teacher with a state certification in Early Childhood up to the 8th grade. I found in my experience working in the public school setting that I was not doing what I envisioned when I decided to become a teacher. I have worked with students of all ages and missed the little ones. My last position was with 12 year old students, which while I love all kids, the experience was not as enjoyable as the early child setting for me personally. I decided to research starting up an in home pre school to see if it is feasible for me. Do you have any advice? I live in the state of Texas. I'm more than confident in my ability to manage the schedule, and curriculum but I am concerned with the legal liability if there were to be an accident within my home, licensing for serving food and who to contact for inspections, permits ect.

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 5 years ago

      @Susan - Yes, you can use my information in Canada as well. I know of many students who live up in Canada. Almost all of the same information that applies to preschools in the US applies to Canadian preschools as well! Just be sure to check with your local licensing agency in your area. A few things you should work out before you go though:

      How many kids you have?

      What time will the classes be?

      What are the ages of children?

      99% of the information is applicable to you in Canada. Best of luck to you Susan. I'd love to hear how your preschool works out! :)

    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      If you live in the space where you work there are different regulations than if you do not. In Massachusetts you have to have a certain level of education and experience to be licensed as a preschool teacher. If you are a homecare provider you do not need the same level of experience but you cannot have the same ratio of children. You need to know the laws in your state. Massachusetts does not have zoneing regulations for preschools but Early Education and Care is the agency that oversees all the guidelines concerning teacher and school licensing.

    • profile image

      susan 5 years ago

      I live in Canada and really want to start a preschool, can I use your information ?

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 5 years ago

      @Meghan Wow that sounds like a lot! When you say $30K/year are you talking about licensing in New York? If that is the case, they might be placing you into the wrong category. This happens every now and then because sometimes preschools get lumped into the wrong category. I'd make sure you are NOT in the daycare category since you are providing a preschool experience. I can't imagine why it would be so much. Or are you talking about how other preschools are charging 30K/year? If so, girl you are in the right market!

      @Mark Thank YOU! It means a lot to me that you found my story inspiring. I would just love if everyone knew there was a better option out there for women who want to stay home with their kids!

    • profile image

      Meghan 5 years ago

      Any tips on how to do this in MANHATTAN?? Where they charge upwards of $30k/year? I'm starting my search now and it's not pretty.

    • profile image

      Mark Vincent 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. -Mark Vincent Java, Iloilo City Philippines

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 5 years ago

      @lorraine Every state is a little different with their licensing requirements. They can differ from state to state with the amount of children you can watch at one time, how old they need to be, the size of your teaching area, etc.

      So I would suggest going to Google and putting "your state + daycare requirements" and you'll find the most up to date info for your specific state.

      Next, I would find out about zoning your business. You just head over to your local Planning & Zoning office in your town to see if there are any special requirements for a preschool in your town. Sometimes childcare facilities are under special rules, so it's always just best to go in and talk with them (they're usually very helpful).

      Then get the word out that there is a new preschool in town! :-)

      That is where I start first. I think it's great you are going for your passion with teaching children and wanting to stay home with your family!

      And if you'd like me to guide you through the process step-by-step just head over to and look for my "Teachers In Training" program and free audio CD where I go into much more detail on all of this. I wish you all the best!!

    • profile image

      lorraine 5 years ago


      I am looking to bring extra money to my home. I have a small facility available t me from my dads building facility. anyhow. I am curious. I live in texas and i want to know if I could open a preschool, not daycare, without a degree.. i worked as a teachers aide a few years back and i loved my headstart kids. I stay home now and i would like to do what i love and still make an extra income. please give me any advice if you can. thabnk you

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 6 years ago

      @Fatema - Congratulations on starting your Montessori preschool!! That is so awesome! I'm not sure if you know but I cover actually cover A LOT of successful ways to advertise your preschool in our "Teachers In Training" home study program. You can see more details on what we cover in the training over at my website (see comment below for the link), unfortunately it would take way too long to explain it all here.

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 6 years ago

      @Christina - It doesn't have to be just home based. The principles are really the same either way you choose it. Most start out with a home based preschool and as enrollment increases they are able to easily move into a center, if they want to. It really just depends on what you feel is best for you and the kids. As for myself, within 2 years I was able to move into a center because of increased enrollment! Our "Teachers In Training" program is perfect for giving you all the tools you need! You can get more information here:

      Also, check the video I shot showing the move into our new "schoolhouse" center! :

    • profile image

      Christina 6 years ago

      How wonderful you can work and also have family time. I have Bachelor degree and currenty work as a Substitute Teacher. I would like to start a preschool in my town. I also have a 2 1/2 yr old and am finding it difficult to find a quality daycare facility or preschool that does not have a waiting list. Can I also purchase off-site to conduct my preschool or does it have to be home-based?

    • profile image

      Fatema 6 years ago

      I was inspired by you last year and started my own Montessori preschool from home! Truly APPRECIATE!

      My youngest is 31/2 years old and he is with me in the school , as I was always looking for extra income from home! I just had my first graduation this year :)

      I am now looking for new students to enrol and often wonder how you sign up 10 students at a time!? I run an exclusive Montessori style set up and the parents and kids have loved the previous academic year with me!

      Could you please help me with some advertising?? Thanks

      GOd BLESS!

    • profile image

      Rhonda 6 years ago

      do you have to have any special training in doing a preschool program for the kids?

    • profile image

      Karrie 6 years ago

      Do you know where I can find the information about starting a preschool in Illinois? I have looked everywhere and can't find the correct information. Thank you so much!!

    • profile image

      MOUSOMI GUPTA 6 years ago

      very inspirational story.

    • profile image

      rishi pransukhka 6 years ago


      I am from Bangalore,India and want to start a preschool of my own. I wanted to know if the Cds can be shipped to India.

    • profile image

      judith 6 years ago

      I can't thank you more for this info - very helpful

      Thank you

    • startapreschool profile image

      startapreschool 6 years ago

      Yes! At first I started with it only in my living room. Next, as the preschool grew and I got some money for more supplies I moved it into a dedicated room (an extra room in the house). Finally, I converted my garage into a preschool room. Here's how I did it:

    • profile image

      Mikaela 6 years ago

      Hello! Your story is inspirational and motivating! I am a teacher and looking to be my own boss and set my own schedule. Did you transform a room in your home for your preschool?

    • profile image

      Joy Anderson 6 years ago

      Hi Lindsey,

      You can find the official code for PA here:

      Also, be sure to stop by my website, because I cover a lot of questions like yours in my FREE CD that I'm giving away :)

      All the best to you!

    • profile image

      Lindsey Whitney 6 years ago

      Do you know where I can find information about state requirements for PA? Thanks!

    • profile image

      Loretta Jones 6 years ago

      I have really enjoyed this wealth of information and you have encourage me that motivation is the key to my successand as I speak I am now preparing for my pre-school and through your wisdom I am well on the way may God richly bless you.

    • profile image

      Rita  7 years ago

      very encouraging.thank you

    • profile image

      jasmine 7 years ago

      how long did this take you ? Please email me . I have many questions about all of this .. It was very inspiring

    • profile image

      Stella Agyemang 7 years ago

      Thank you, Information very helpful

    • profile image

      juliet 7 years ago

      Thank you. This is so encouraging and inspirational

    • profile image

      juliet 7 years ago

      Thanks I'm currently in the process of finishing my degree & looking forward to starting my own pre-school. I've found your story very helpful & motivational. Thanks a whole lot can't wait to start. God Bless

    • profile image

      feziwe jezile 7 years ago

      i want to start my pre-school.

    • profile image

      Trina 7 years ago

      Hello! I am desperate to open my own preschool and continue to open several more. I'm currently in my masters program and I'm looking for partners to fund my preschool. If you have some great partners in mind this will save me a lot of time.


    • profile image

      Monique 7 years ago

      thanx so much for the info you really encouraged me to move in the direction of a preschool instead of daycare.Blessings,Mrs.Morris

    • profile image

      teri long 7 years ago

      Hi that was great I want to start this preschool in home for income and I love question to you ?what is the ratio of children?what's the licenseeelicense require ments

    • profile image

      Syllviea Hagen 7 years ago

      Can't wait to get my Anderson degree! :)

      Best from Las Vegas,

      Syllviea Hagen

    • profile image

      Sandy in SoCal 7 years ago

      Motivational...thanks! I currently work in a preschool in someone elses home, but I really want to start my own. I can't do it in my home, though...I am currently looking for an affordable space to rent or buy. I'm very excited...our community needs more good preschools!

    • profile image

      Marlene 7 years ago

      Motivational article. I am keen on starting a day care and wanted to ask a few question: What additional staff you have to assist? Who prepares the snacks if offered at the pre-school, who cleans the rooms?, How do you manage children who become sick? Do you have a contract between you and parents? Do you offer transportation?

      Thanks and continued success.

    • profile image

      Ogoo UK 7 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this very useful insight. It's so encouraging!


    • profile image

      Cinlee 7 years ago

      I have been an Early childhood Education teacher for many years,and worked for Head Start,and other preschool programs. Eventually opened up my own Child Development program for children 2-5 years of age.

      I was intrigued when I read your hub on starting a preschool and how easy it was to get started. When did you start your program, and do your preschool parents pay or are you reimbursed by the government?

      Given the state of the economy today, child care and preschool enrollment is way down. Most programs center based, or home based are struggling to stay a float. Head Start and other government funded programs are taking over and running the private programs out of business. I know this first hand from many of my friends in the business.

      I love family home daycare, and believe that a small group program is still the best for young children. Good luck and let me know how your preschool is doing.

      I started writing a children's book using many of the funny situations that I experienced while I was teaching. I had so many ideas running around in my mind, I just had to get them out on paper hahahah.

    • profile image

      DebClaxon 8 years ago from Kentucky

      Joy is now offering a CD on how to start a preschool as a free online audio at:

    • profile image

      Lawrence 8 years ago

      This is truly a very inspirational and informative story you have here. For anyone who has ever had the desire to devote more time and effort to the education and support of our children.


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