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starting school - the highs and lows

Updated on August 21, 2012
the joy of starting school
the joy of starting school

preparing your child for school

a heads up for parents

Starting school is either a very happy exciting time or the complete opposite.

Whether you have already ‘successfully’ sent your kids to school you never know how your child is going to react to the new scenario of SCHOOL and the reaction of each and every child will be different.

I have three children and I found my middle son easy to settle into school the first week and the second week, then on the morning of the Monday of his third week he started to scream at the top of his voice, yelling he did not want to go in. I remember being totally speechless (and if I am honest totally mortified) Why ? Well my first born daughter had trotted in to school happily and has never looked back. I suppose a certain smugness existed that my children were well balanced, happy beings. I’m sorry however MY children simply do not have these types of public blips!

As I stood and stared at the display of grief my son was feeling I felt so stupid! Why did I not see this coming? What had happened to trigger this! As I quickly took him aside from the school line (trying to avoid the stares and looks of horror from other parents) I could only look at him as after all he know this was school, he knew this is where he was going to go until he was 17/18 years old. We had talked at great length about how great school was, had discussed his new friends, the very popular “golden time” in class, the games and fun he had had - up until now.

Nope - I was dumbfounded and this is not like me. As I held him close trying to reassure him his lovely teacher came over and took him away from me into class. As he looked back bubbling I felt like the worst parent ever however once the school bell rang at the end of the day Ewan was calm, back to his usual playful self and we have never experienced any hiccups since then.

In reality there was nothing to trigger this behaviour other than perhaps tiredness or a great weekend having lots of fun – the exact same issues we face throughout life when Monday rears its ugly head!

What I am hoping to express to every parent of a child starting or about to start school it may feel as though all is well in “school-ville” and everything is fine and dandy however do not be alarmed if one day your precious one decides to “go off the rails” even if only for a momentary lapse. The experience will stay with you for a very long time.

It is vital to remember adults are just grown up kids and if we are all honest there are days when we want to do our own thing however career, life, housework, family etc etc gets in the way and we just need to knuckle down and get on with it. As an adult we can see the rationale and usually come to terms with these feelings and get back on track. Kids are a little less mature in their emotions and outlook and will choose to openly express themselves.

My son is over six years on from this day and does love school and that really was the only blip however at present with a three year old girl struggling to accept nursery and making no effort to hide her disapproval I was motivated to write this hub to alert all parents to the highs and lows of starting school. I’m not sure how she will cope with school however I’m banking on the nursery being the blip stage and school with be smooth runnings! Hmmm think I may be kidding myself on there.

Watching your children start school is a wonderful time filled with emotion for all parents however their little minds can work overtime and some days - like adults - the thought of going in to school (or work for us) is too much to bear! And while we would love to stand outside the front door of our workplace and scream we don’t want to go in while stamping our feet and punching our fists in the air we know we would never get away with this – however when you are just out of the toddler stage starting in education – ANYTHING GOES

You have been warned.


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    • mismazda profile image

      mismazda 4 years ago from a southern georgia peach

      Oh my four year old started school last week, and I was crying a river the day before....and was a little sad the day of school, but she was fine....and with her being ok with school, it has help ease my axiety about her starting..:) voted up and interesting.

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