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Stay at Home Dads Are Important!!

Updated on April 7, 2018
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Dads can do it too!!!

When it comes to staying at home sometimes roles can be reversed and the dad is the one taking care of the home. Yes, they can do it too and a lot of them are really good at it. Yes, we may have the ones that really can't cut it but is it really that hard? A lot of men do better than some of these women if you ask me my opinion about it. I think that we need to start giving the men a lot of credit for stepping up and taking care of home while the woman brings home the bacon.

Dads need more credit

I am a woman and my husband can take our boys to the park and everything. He cooks, cleans ext. I see that many men like him don't get the credit that they deserve and it is sickening in my opinion. I hate to see people putting men down and degrading them because they decide to stay home and take care of the kids.

I think that if they can afford it then do it because, in the end, that same man may have to help the woman get back on her feet if something happens in the end. You would want both partners to work but if the woman is bringing home the money it is not a bad thing. Please, ladies and even Gentlemen give the stay at home dads the credit that they deserve.

Dads need time too!!

When it comes to staying at home we have to remember that men need time with the boys too. If you have a man that stays at home all day cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids give them some time to hang with the boys for a night or two. If women can do it then men should be able to do it too.

I believe that we should remember that any of us can be in this type of situation and we should support our partners when they are at their worst. If we can't do that then we don't deserve them at their best. Give them some time to hang with the boys and let loose so they can come home happy and care free.

Don't disrespect Him

Sometimes I hear so much disrespect when it comes to a stay at home dad just because his woman works. You don't know their situation and what they decided to do with their family, so why disrespect him? Let him live and take care of his kids like society wants them too. Some women are always trying to be two-sided with everything and it can't be that way. You have to be with the man caring for his family or not.

I love seeing a man take care of his family either by working or just by sitting back and taking care of the home. I wouldn't mind switching with my husband so that he can rest and spend time with the kids. I think that it would be a great change for the both of us. We have to get used to change and try to love it instead of hating it.

If you are another man it is not fair to disrespect because you may feel a little jelly about one man's situation. You can't compare yourself to someone else because you are not living the same life that they are. Stay humble and be happy with what you have.

Be Happy

If you are a stay at home dad be happy and don't be ashamed of that. You are doing what you need to do and that is taking care of business. You may not be making thousands of dollars but you are creating a lifetime of love and respect from your kids. In the end, this pays off greatly and you will see that once your kids get older.

As a stay at home mom, we know the love and care that the kids appreciate when you are home or at their ball games. Once you start being there and they start seeing you more they will love and remember every little thing that you have done for them. You don't have to buy their love just sit with them and watch cartoons, make their cereal in the morning, and take them to school.

Final Thought

Yes, Dads, you can be a stay at home dad and love it just like we do as a stay at home mom. We love seeing dads take over the role because most of us know that you will be great at it. You should not be ashamed of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Life is too short and kids grow fast so make the most of it and be around them as much as possible because, in the end, they will remember that you were there. They will see you in those bleachers and smile because Dad was cheering them on at their first game.

Please, men, do not be ashamed and don't be embarrassed. If you are a stay at home dad take that with pride and man strut haha.


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