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Stay at Home VS Working Mom

Updated on May 8, 2016

The age old question, who has it better or harder in the world of being a mom? But does the color of the grass really matter if we are fighting an uphill battle?

I vote we both win and we both lose. After a long hour long work week working mother I recently found myself unexpectedly unemployed and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Not just the lack of income but the thought of staying home and taking care of this precious little monster made me grow some new appreciation for being a working mom. Here are my list of pros from each side of the hill.

Pros of the Working Mom:

- Interaction with other adults! You do not realize how much you need this, even if your not a people person, until you find yourself speaking toddler talk to the cashier at the grocery store.

-Goals you can actually accomplish. When the deadline has come and you can take pride in your work.That moment when you sit back and see everything tied into a neat little bow that will in hopes line your pockets with money. Even if you magically get your home put together this will definalty not end with a pat on the back or extra cash to take that vacation. Brings me to my next point:

-Vacation means time away from your everyday. After working non-stop they eventually have to give you a vacation. A nice little break from the same thing and the same people you see almost everyday. The time you come home and enjoy spending a week locked away with your family.

-You can clock out! This goes right along with vacation part. You have a bad day or need an hour to relax you can clock out and leave it at work!

Pros of Stay at Home Mom:

-Bonding Time. Right after my son was born I couldn't afford to take the time off and went right back to work. Overtime he quickly grew more attached to his father causing some motherly resentment because I did not work the hours he did. Now being home he has become more of a mommies boy and it melts my heart.

-Happy Spouse. I find my husband has become happier in our marriage. He enjoys me being home when he walks through the door from work and we don't have to schedule time to catch up on our lives.

-Happier Children. I thought my children would hate having me around to hound them more but turns out they rather have me around more in general, even if it is to ask them to clean their room the hundredth time. Just like my husband, they like having me there when they need to talk.

-Healthier Eating Habits. Even though I am still on the go now more than ever I find myself actually sitting down with my family for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of grabbing fast food.

I use to call my husband when I closed a key account but now I call him when our son successfully uses the potty instead of peeing his pant in public. I have been on both sides of the hill and enjoy both for their own reasons. In the end we are all mothers and we all need support from each other.


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