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Staying Home

Updated on June 2, 2016


I wake up around 5:30 and take a shower. I like to get up before the kids and get this done because that way I know I will get one without having to bring anyone in there with me! After my shower I go down and make a cup of coffee and take the dog out and then stay in the sunroom to drink my coffee. By the time I finish this, the baby wakes up.

So I get the baby up and change his diaper and make him a bottle. After I feed him, my older son is usually awake so I put Evan in the bouncer, pack n play, or in a gated area where he's safe, then head upstairs to get Sam up and dressed and brush his teeth.

I prepare breakfast and clean up, then we play for a while. Around 8:30 I change the baby's diaper and put him upstairs for his nap. Now is the time when I get some stuff done. I turn on a Leap Frog video for Sam. Right now we are working on our letters, so we have been watching "The Letter Factory". While he's watching that I work on grocery lists, straightening up toys, preparing a snack for us. When the video is over we have our lesson of the day. We are currently working on one letter at a time with our white board. We trace the letter together. I write words around the letter that begin with that letter and we talk about it and practice making the sound of that letter.

By now the baby has woken up from his nap and I feed him another bottle. When he's finished I load the little monkeys up in the double stroller and take them for a walk, sometimes with a neighbor. After our walk we either play in the driveway or go in the house to play for a bit.

Then I start preparing lunch for me and the kids. I have this on the table between 11:15 and 11:30. Everyone eats and I clean up while they are finishing their lunches. I change Evan's diaper, tell Sam to grab his milk and we head upstairs for naptime. Sam goes right to his room and I put Ev in his crib.

Morning Play Time

Mommy Time

The kids are in their beds. What do I do? I make my bed, put away laundry, gather dirty laundry and put it in the washing machine, sometimes I clean the bathrooms. Then I take the dog out and straighten up the toys, AGAIN. Now I put on some tv and lay on the couch for mommy time! I watch my tv shows that are not appropriate for children and I blog. Or I finish grocery planning. Sometimes I'll even make myself a snack if I'm still hungry. I go out and water the flowers, check the mail...


Now this varies.

If Sam did not nap, we put on a movie around 2 and kind of lounge and watch it. I feel like if he didn't nap, at least he could just chill for a bit. He sits really nicely to watch a movie and I think it's a good way to just relax for him. I usually play with Evan on the floor during this time and fold laundry. I make sure everything is straightened up before my husband gets home because when he's here, I don't want to clean - I want to spend my time with him and the kids.

If Sam did nap, I try to take the kids somewhere fun. There's a local dairy farm that has all kinds of animals and ice cream made from the cows milk. Or like today, I'll take them to my parents house to swim in the pool and visit. Or sometimes we will go to the store or to the park. It all depends on the day.

When Tim gets home I start making dinner.

In Conclusion

My life is not glamorous by any means. I don't wear makeup. I wear leggings every day. I change diapers and wipe tiny bums. I cook and clean and straighten and teach. Sometimes I miss having a full time job. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world. One day I'll look back at this and I'll only remember the good parts.

Every day I pray that I'll have the patience and perseverance to be the best mother I can be to our boys. I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for them.

My whole day is about taking care of these boys as best I can. I try to teach them right from wrong, good manners, and how to eat a balanced diet. I do everything I can to help them become well rounded individuals. I may not work outside the home, but I work HARD.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      When my kids were young, i had the same routine as yrs


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