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Step parenting: The overview

Updated on April 25, 2016

The overview

Step parenting, what a hilariously obscure way to fumble through the remainder of your rapidly departing twenties and declining youth. How whimsical the very notion of submitting yourself to the very much living and breathing produce of your current partners past sexual encounter with a previously loved and adored significant other. How wonderful. The bane of my existence could of merely been a stain in the sheets.

Being a step parent is a rather strange and contradictory role to be cast in. You're not a parent but you're expected to behave like one in terms of devotion, love, empathy, admiration, concern and self sacrifice, yet you are less significant. You are technically nobody, stumbling around in this no mans land all by yourself. It's as if you are in a state of purgatory, held in remand. Awaiting. Waiting too long and becoming a martyr, as your current life style slowly chokes the life out of you.

Having an opinion on the child's upbringing, their total disregard for your authority and general lack of respect of you as a person, at best is only acknowledged in the very few moments it took to depart from your non biological speaking orifice. Nothing is ever implemented or even validated because you- insignificant, non related, late comer you, are never validated. Theres a catch 22, a stinger in the claus in which allows the biological parent to use their sacred trump card they so very often over use in which allows them to self righteously declare that; ' this is their son/ daughter and you don't understand because you've never had a child'.


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