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Steps to Child Proofing Your Home

Updated on March 27, 2012
Okay Mom and Dad, we're to cute for words so let's make the house safe for us!!
Okay Mom and Dad, we're to cute for words so let's make the house safe for us!! | Source

From the moment you hear those 3 little words, " You Are Pregnant " life as you have know it will change forever. The sense of protecting your child begins from that moment, no matter how old they are your motherly instinct takes precedence. You will ask yourself and others many questions from what should I eat while I am pregnant, to how do I protect my baby once he or she is born. Well, I can help with one of those questions, I will provide you with a check list of items that will help you to child proof your home. These are safety precautions you should take prior to the baby's birth so when the time comes for that little bundle of joy to begin discovering the world around them the safety measurements will be in place.

  1. Outlet inserts - these outlets won't allow them to put anything into the outlets therefore protect them from a possible electric shock and in some cases, loss of life.
  2. Safety Latches for all cabinets in the house - this will prevent them from opening cabinets and retrieving a potentially harmful item or chemical. - Even use these in cabinets above counters. The moment a child begins to crawls they learn to climb then begin to walk. They could climb onto a counter and get into a cabinet. This maybe foolish to some, but not those who's children have been harmed because the latches weren't in place.
  3. Safety Latches for all draws the child could gain access to. This elevates a possible harmful situation.
  4. Gates in between doorways. These are very important especially if you have stairs that they can climb up and climb down. There should be gates in between the living room and kitchen area as well. That way when someone is cooking the baby or toddler isn't near the stove or oven area. Some parents even put a gate in the doorway to the babies room so when they begin climbing out they are confined to a safe area.
  5. If you have a VCR you should have a special locks for the opening so they can't feed the VCR peanut butter & Jelly Sandwiches, that's what my daughter did. Or have them put any of their toys inside the opening.
  6. Place a door knob cover on all doors especially those that lead outside. lead to the basement or bathroom. Keep the front and back doors locked.
  7. Place a safety cushioned cover on the bath tubs water spout to protect them from hitting themselves when bathing.
  8. Keep all the windows locked or during nice weather when open have safety precautions in place to prevent the child from falling out the screen.
  9. Provide anti scalding devices for bathroom faucets, tub faucets and shower head. Be sure your hot water heater is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.
  11. Have a fire extinguisher on each floor of the house.
  12. Special knobs for stove / ovens that have knobs on front of the appliance - this way the baby / toddler can turn on gas or ignite a flame.
  13. Corner guards for any kind of table that has edges.


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