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Stop a crying baby

Updated on October 15, 2009

Ease a crying baby

 A crying newborn baby can bring even the best, most experienced mother to her breaking point. The discomfort experienced while listening to the shrieks of a week old baby surpasses most uncomfortable situations we experience as adults.  So what to do?  Here is my tried and true guide to stopping a crying baby, or at least providing a few moments of comfort.

1. Swaddle.  I know we have all been told as new moms to swaddle your new born when they sleep, but swaddling can help stop a crying baby.  It may appear as though your newborn wants to be free as they fight back during the swaddling process, but they need to be swaddled and the tighter the better.  Swaddling provides a warm comfortable space where the baby feels at ease and will usually stop crying.  When buying swaddling blankets look for large breathable blankies, like the Aiden & Anais blankets.  These blankets make it easy to swaddle even the largest newborns, like my 10pound 7ounce baby girl.

2. Get moving.  In the first few weeks of life a lot of babies experience uncomfortable gas pains that make it difficult to relax.  The movement we create while holding the baby and walking helps to alleviate the gas pain.  If you put the baby in any sort of carrier/sling and start doing donuts around the living room you can usually get a crying baby to stop crying.  Along with the movement easing the gas pains being so close to the mother also helps stop a crying baby.

3. Try Mylicon.  When my daughter was born nobody told me about Mylicon.  I knew she was crying from the discomfort of gas, but I didn't know what to do about it until week 3.  My brother told me about Mylicon, sure it is expensive for the tiny bottle it comes in, but it is liquid gold! The moment I gave my daughter a few drops she stopped fussing and was eased into a deep sleep like she had not previously experienced.

4. White Noise.  My discovery of the silence white noise can bring on started in the weeks after having my daughter when I finally felt up to cleaning our house.  I sat my crying baby in her lamb chair and proceeded to turn on the vacuum.  And sure enough within minutes the crying stopped. She even went to sleep, it was wonderful.  So I went online and found a CD that played the vacuum noise for one hour straight.  Now my daughter will drift off to sleep in her own crib without so much as a peep when I play her vacuum CD.  Any white noise machine or CD will work.

After the first weeks of non-stop crying these key ideas were my saving grace.  I hope they work for you!


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