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Updated on November 25, 2010

Treated Early is Treated Best

Sometimes the course of a person’s life can change in an instant. Being a witness to such instances often leaves a mark or at-least a life lesson worth sharing.

During the course of studies, medical students meet innumerable doctors who have wonderful, exciting and very knowledgeable professional tales to tell. I, in my ophthalmology course gained a firsthand experience which I would like to pen down for people to read. To me it’s not just a story but also a conclusive belief that prompt and proper medical care can cure many threats with considerable ease in comparison to a medical care that is provided at later stages.

The doctor teaching us that day was demonstrating how to check for Strabismus; errors of the eye alignment a.k.a. squint. The test was performed on one of our classmates who is slightly near sighted (-1). He excels not only academically but also has a wide variety of extracurricular activities on his schedule.

After the test it was clear that he has a squint. It was so marginal that by looking at him casually one couldn’t possibly make such a diagnosis.he surprising part however was that his father was a practicing pediatrician while his mother was an ophthalmologist, yet his condition wasn’t discovered during his childhood years.Normally, it would not have been a problem but for that boy it crushed his dreams.  He wanted to be a surgeon, but unfortunately his defective 3D vision means he is medically not for the job. If only his problem was discovered in his childhood, it would’ve been rectified. 

Usually a squint is detectable in small children when the divergence or convergence of one eye is very prominent. Even If it the Strabismus is very small it can still be detected by ophthalmologist on general visit for eye check up.  The treatment for this defect is simple and straightforward; with just glasses and patching (should be treated ideally before 5 years). This sad story comes with the moral and learning curve that one should never display an ounce of carelessness when it comes to human body.


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