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Updated on February 4, 2016


Are your mornings easy peasy or difficult?

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4 Time Saving Tips For A Better AM!

  1. After all the home work is done have the kids put everything back in their backpacks and put them away ready for the morning.
  2. When your doing prep work for dinner start on lunches & breakfast at the same time.
  3. Depending on your kiddos ages they probably can pick out clothes for the next day and neatly lay them on a chair or on the edge of their beds.
  4. Shoes! Ahh! Once everyone is home and in for the night have them place their shoes in the designated spot. That way they are always where they are supposed be!

Let's Get More Specific!

I know, I know I heard & felt all the eye rolling when everyone read, "your little darlings can help"! Lol! Seriously though, depending on your children's ages there is a lot they can do to help! There is nothing wrong with a 4 year old pre K or older having responsibilities, jobs & check lists to help cut out most of the chaos in the morning. Even 3 year olds should be able to do most of the items in my tip list. You ready? Here we go!

Tip #1

Oh, the dreaded homework. Once it's all done make sure the kids put it in their folders or where it belongs & then into their backpacks. Take the time to tell them everything they need to put in their backpacks for the next day. Homework, library books and so on. Once they have completed that task take the time to look and make sure everything minus their lunch is there and then have them put it away. Take the time and make a designated spot for back packs, shoes & coats. If you have a mud room them your a step ahead if not make one! I don't have a mud room so I used the buttler pantry hall next to the garage door to make my mud room. It works perfectly! Like most people these day we do not use the front door to come and go we use the garage door. So, my kids have everything they need in the mornings right next to the door we use to leave the house. Jackets, backpacks (packed the night before) & shoes (neatly placed the night before) everything all together & ready for the mad dash out the door!

Here's what you need:

Hooks & a shoe rack! That's it! Easy peasy! Designated spots for jackets, shoes & back packs! At least 15- 25 minutes saved each morning!

I put 3 fancy hooks on the wall for my 3 kiddos at varying heights to accommodate them (no excuse not to use them). They put their jackets and backpacks on them which is their designated spot & boom problem solved! Depending on your kids that's 5-10 min shaved off the morning chaos! Next, I put a simple 2 tier shoe rack under the hooks. This is the designated shoe spot. My oldest uses the top tier, my middle kiddo uses the 2nd tier and my youngest's shoes go underneath. At least another 10-15 min saved!

#DIY Mudroom!

All you need are some hooks & a shoe rack!
All you need are some hooks & a shoe rack!
Huge time saver! Everything in it's place! Let's go!
Huge time saver! Everything in it's place! Let's go!

Tip #2

While the cutting board is out for dinner prep, pull out what you need for the next day's lunches & breakfast. If the kids are under foot have them help out by telling them what food items to get out for you. Cut up fresh fruit, veggies, cheese what ever you need for dinner & for the next day. This tip is a huge time saver! Have lunches and part of breakfast ready before you go to sleep. I wait to make the sandwiches in the morning, no one likes really soggy sandwiches. But you can put the rest of the lunch items together the night before and put them in the fridge. Great idea prep food and then have kids put it in their lunch boxes themselves and they can pick the non perishable items to add like crackers or chips. You can even cut up or peel fruit for breakfast the night before and pull it out in the morning ready to eat. Even the kids can handle pulling out a ready made bowl of fresh fruit. You can fill bowls of cereal for the kids and have a cup of milk ready in the fridge for them to make their own cereal while your making eggs. These ready made ideas can save tons of time in the morning.

Tip #3

This one is a no brainier! As long as your kids are old enough to safely get clothes out of the closet and dresser they can do this one no problem. Check the weather and tell your kids what type of clothes to pull out the night before. Underwear, socks, shirt, pants and so on. Suggest where they should neatly place their outfit for the next morning. On a chair or on the edge of their bed. Then let them make the final decision. Giving them some responsibility will help them grow & give them some pride in making a decision & accomplishing a task on their own. When you put them to bed just make sure the outfit is appropriate for school & the next day's weather. If they nailed it let them know! Whooo hoooo! If not remind them what type of outfit they need and help them make a better choice. It's not a big deal because it's the night before and there is time to remedy the situation. Depending on your kids this could be 10 min saved up to hours saved!


Mom approved outfit!
Mom approved outfit!

Tip # 4

The dreaded shoes! We covered this tip under Tip #2 but let's face it this is the best tip of them all! Put your shoes in their designated spot! Wait where are my keys?


~~~ When your kiddos get home have them empty out their lunch boxes and use Clorox wipes on them (if you trust them with wipes) or you can wipe them. Have them dump and rinse water bottles too. Have them leave lunch boxes & water bottles open to dry on the counter so they are ready for you or them to start filling them later at night.

~~~ For younger kids once you are done cooking/making breakfast and the kids are eating get their toothbrushes ready for them (put toothpaste on). It helps save time if they go from the breakfast table to the bathroom then to the bedroom to get dressed.


Let's face it in today's busy world filled with work & over booked schedules we need #LifeHacks to make our lives a little bit easier and less stressful. With these 4 TopTips and 2 extra tidbits I hope you are able to recover at least an hour or more every morning! Let's face it we all could use more sleep! Use it how you wish! If you found any of these tips helpful please share with friends, family & the world. Let's take our happiness back 1 hour at a time!

Food for thought our kids are not helpless, they can do much more than we give them credit for. If we give them the tools & a little freedom they will do it for themselves & be so much better for it!

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© 2016 Amy Sullivan


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