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Stroller for 4 Year Old

Updated on June 16, 2010

Strollers for 4 year olds are often a necessity. For example, they may be needed for holidays or theme parks when kids need to be on their feet all day and want to rest. Or perhaps you have a very long walk to the nearest school and coming there and back after a long day at school is too much. Also some 4 year olds with children with disabilities need a stroller.

Of course, how much you want to spend on a stroller for 4 year olds will depend on how much you need to use it. If you're using it daily, its worth spending a little bit. If you only need to use it occasionally or for a holiday, you may want to get something a little cheaper. 

The type of stroller you buy will also depend on what you will be using it for. If you need it for travel abroad or on holiday it is probably worth buying a lightweight umbrella stroller so its not to heavy to lug around. If you're using it for daily use around the city or for long walks to and from school a jogger may be better. 

The stroller you buy will also depend on the weight and height capacity of your child. Many strollers accomodate children up to 55 pounds which is fine for most children. There are others that go up to 75 pounds which are better for bigger children but also tend to be a bit more expensive. 

Read on for suggestions of strollers for 4 year olds

The First Years Ignite Stroller

This is a great pick if you have a 4 year old who is under the 50 pound weight capacity. 

It has a 5 point harness to strap children in. 

It has a multi position recline and tall handles.

A large storage basket. 

Its easy to fold too. 

The reviews are good on, click through to read them. 

Only weighs 14 pounds so a great choice if you need it for a holiday or a theme park.

Its also very cheap. 

Keekaroo Karoo Lightweight Stroller

Another good choice of a lightweight stroller with a slightly larger weight capacity at 55 pounds it the Keekaroo. The maximum user height is 44 inches so it should be fine for most 4 to 5 year olds. 

Also features: 

3 position backrest and 2 position lower leg support

5 point harness to strap 4 year olds in safely

Padded shoulder straps for comfort. 

There's a hand space for carrying the stroller when its folded.

There's a large storage space for shopping

Also includes all-wheel spring suspension and swivel front wheels that allow the Karoo stroller to keep on strolling if you hit a bump

Baby Jogger Strollers

Baby jogger strollers tend to have large weight capacities in their strollers, some up to 75 pounds. They are designed for use in different areas, the city, jogging, different terrain. They tend to be slightly more expensive but may be a good choice if you're going to use them a lot. 

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