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Struggles of a Single Mom

Updated on April 4, 2017

Serious Concerns, Serious Struggles

Single mothers, in particular, are at the verge of creating a new pattern of life for themselves at the face of single parenting. Besides being a good mother, a single mom also needs to be a good provider and a good mentor to her children. Sometimes, the responsibilities do not end there. The reality is that most single parents are even depended upon by other members of the family especially when they are well-off getting paid for a good job.

But what if the picture is not always that pleasant? What if work is not always available as desired?

The sad truth is that work does not come easy, and when it does, it requires that a woman sacrifice particular aspects of her life in order to come up with effective ways to redefine her path as an individual who carries her responsibilities on her shoulders seriously.

Frustrating as it is, making the ends meet is one of the most excruciating challenges among single mothers. Not to mention how they still need to take note of how they guide their children effectively is also becoming a great burden in the process- especially when the kids are not that easy to direct in the right path because they are also strong willed with distinct personalities that need proper molding.

Providing for and rearing the children are two very serious responsibilities that mothers ought to take careful note of. It's daunting, it's tiring, but in the end, if accomplished, pays really well.

From Hero to Zero

Every single mother was once a zero. The fact that they are single means that they have gone through a tough time, may it be concerning the decision to raise the child alone, or the absence of the father, or a disdain separation from a partner, all these takes a toll on a woman's capacity to face responsibilities of handling child care and provision on her own.

It is hard to get up when you are not just financially broken but also weakened in the heart.

Feeling betrayed, helpless and hopeless can get the best out of every woman as she struggles to face the world on her own and make sure that she gives a different life to her children.

But women, fighters as they are, try to struggle strongly and create a better picture out of every broken portrait and recreate great dreams from the pieces of broken ones.

Being a hero takes a long process. Making hard choices and sticking to them establishes a stronger and wiser person among single mothers. Looking through the stories of those who have gone through the journey is indeed inspiring. What is largely admirable among strong women is that they are not afraid to walk further, to believe that there is something better that awaits them- and they are inspired by the willful display of both vulnerability and strength of other women who have gone through the same path they are going through.

Vulnerability, because every woman, even if she is a hero, is still a woman and her emotions could be her strongest asset.

.....and strength, because she is able to create great things out of situations that are bound to create creases on her being, yet she is able to make a way out to straighten up her path not just for herself but for her children as well.

A Journey of Reconstruction

As broken pieces lie on the ground, a single mother, a woman who does not give up for the sake of those depending on her, embraces the journey to reconstruct her own being.

She may be alone at some point, but her will to survive not only for herself guides her to greater paths. Getting there might not be easy. The road to success is not paved in soft, golden pathways. Most of the time, they come in hard beaten concrete that must be walked through in the middle of the sun's scorching heat. Every obstacle requires strategy and sanity.

Going through all these may be tiring, but finishing each task successfully creates a new personality that every woman would gain well from. Every mistake creates a wiser person that is capable of facing new challenges. At times, her emotions is what makes a woman weak. But then again, as she grows and realizes what life has offered her, she begins to understand that her emotions are the best tools she could use to make sure she is able to become the mother she has always wanted to be.

Instead of being highly dependent on a man, a single mother is strengthened by the idea that she is now the one on the driver's seat. She might not have been well prepared for it, but surely, she'd get the hang of it and possibly even master it because she is inspired to get her mad skills to the next level.

The road is long and daunting

Getting Back Up is the Most Viable Choice

Because single motherhood is a long, challenging and tiring journey, it is quite easy for a woman to get easily frustrated.

But there is one thing to remember when such thoughts occur, there will always be a way out- if it's not a door, then perhaps there is a window. If there ain't any exit, look for some place where the light shines in; because no matter how small that source of light is, it means there is still that sparkle of hope.

If you are struggling, and you are losing all will to push forward- think again.

You are not alone- there are a lot others who are struggling the same way you are. They, like you, have gone through tough times, but have made their way out not because they have to, but because they have to. Being a woman is already a challenge, being a single mother is even a greater struggle. With support from people who know and understand the situation, and a well-defined knowledge of what you are going through- You can trust that You Will Make It Through.


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