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Successful Potty Training Tricks and Tips

Updated on October 7, 2017
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Potty training tips that work

Every parent looks forward to the day the baby starts using the potty. It means independence to both the parent and child. The parent cannot wait to start investing less on diapers. And the baby is finally free of the diaper weight between the legs.

Potty training is not a simple task.Well, it could be easy for some children but for others it will not be something you would do in a day. It could take days, months or even years. It is a process. It is part of your child's development milestones.

Your child still does not know what is going on and will have several 'accidents' before finally getting it right. You have to be patient. Do not get angry. Do not be too strict on the baby. No pressure. Remember the young ones are new people. They do not know what's going on. It is your role as a parent to guide and teach your little one how people live. And the lessons never end.

When should you start the training?

There is no fixed standard time when you should start the training. Children are all different from each other. They all will be ready to potty train at their own time but as they join kindergarten they should be able to relieve themselves when they need to.Most kindergartens will not be willing to admit a child who is still in diapers.

Here are some tips you can follow;

Bye-bye diaper

The baby should know exactly how the body functions and taking a break from the diapers is a sure way to find out. Let the baby stay without the diapers sometimes. Besides, by the time the baby starts potty training, he/she is already getting fed up with the diapers and might start pulling it and it is not unusual for the baby to reject the diapers and even pull it out. The baby will soon be able understand the role of the diaper and realize that the potty is the 'Plan B'. Dress the baby in light underwear that would not cause extreme dampness after wetting or soiling and also clothes that are easy to get off. Dressing up the baby in complicated clothes means the clothes will get dirty anytime the baby wants to use the potty but just cannot take off the clothes. Learning to protect the clothes from getting soiled is also part of the potty-training.

Expect the baby to soil furniture and the floor. Keep mops close.

Buy a cute potty

Instead of buying the old-fashioned boring potty, buy your child an interesting or cute potty with bright colours. Potties come in all shapes and colours nowadays. Some are built like chairs and others are toys. The baby should be fascinated enough by the potty to want to use it.They sometimes spend most of their time playing on their potty and could coincidentally end up relieving themselves in it.

Be keen about the frequency

Time yourself. Make sure the baby uses the potty after, say, every hour. Keep doing that until the baby knows when to use the potty. You have to keep reminding the baby to use the potty and sometimes you could end up having dry nights too if you are keen about it.

Rush the baby to the potty

As soon as the baby starts soiling or wetting - let it all end while at the potty. Rush the baby to the potty or rush the potty to the baby. With time the baby will rush to the baby as soon as the wetting and soiling starts.

Let the baby watch another baby use a potty

Babies are smart and quick learners especially when they are learning from their peers. Watching another baby use a potty will inspire your baby.

Target train

This is for the baby boys. You do not want to raise a child who will be urinating all over, you should teach him to use the potty properly.

Also teach the baby to stay at the potty until it's all over. With time you will introduce a new lesson -wiping. But as you start, their hands are too little and expecting them to wipe themselves might be a bit too much. Cute.

Keep potty within the baby's reach

The baby should be able to access the potty when in need. Put it where the baby passes time with the family. Sometimes babies will not go looking for the potty simply because they want to be where the family is. So place it where the baby can see the other family members.

Compliment the baby

Make the potty training lessons exciting. Encourage the baby with chants and give a thumbs up for every effort they make towards using the potty even when they still mess up while attempting to access the potty. Babies also need to feel motivated.


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