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5 Summer Activities for Kids

Updated on June 20, 2014

Summer is almost upon us once again. This year, you've made a promise to have dozens of activities to keep the kids busy while you work. This year, there won't be whines of boredom and tantrums of despair because "there's nothing to do around here."

If you work from home, or you need fun summer activities for kids that keep them inside and don't require your involvement, these activities should keep them busy enough for you to finish your own projects, or take a 30 minute breather. These are great, rainy day activities, too.

1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This fun summer activity for kids can be done during the day or at night depending on the type of hunt objects you choose. To make it truly unique, the items can be outside the windows while the children have to stay inside. They can use binoculars or a telescope to find the scavenger hunt items. Each item will have a point value. Don't be afraid to make a few of them really hard like a broken tree branch. They'll search longer and leave you more time to work uninterrupted.

2. Indulge Their Artistic Side

If they've shown an interest in a hobby, or you'd like them to experience different artistic endeavors, buy some art supplies and drawing books. There are dozens of books at the local art supply store like How to Draw Incredible Dinosaurs (Smithsonian Drawing Books) and How to Draw Fairies in Simple Steps. Dinosaurs and fairies are always popular, and there are many books to teach children to draw them. Bring them to the store and let them pick out a drawing book and paints. It will keep them busy for hours and give you plenty of beautiful artwork for the fridge.

3. Shoot a Movie

Whether you have a tablet or a smartphone, there's a video recorder in it that will allow you to record movies. Kids love to see themselves on video. You can download apps to the device that lets the child edit, add music, and create transitions. At some point, they might need help with the final product, but if you encourage them to make their own sets, costumes, and scripts, it could turn into hours of alone time for you.

4. Audio Books

Instead of sitting them in front of the television, you can encourage reading. If the child is too young to read, there are audio books so you don't have to worry about reading to your child when you're busy. Audible has hundreds of children's books. Eventually, it's important to read them stories, but perhaps you can save that for bedtime and quality time with your child.

5. Indoor Fort

A clubhouse or indoor fort will keep kids busy for a few hours. Suggest they build the fort, come up with secret handshakes, lists of rules, and proper conduct for the clubhouse. Give them sheets and blankets to start. They'll come up with dozens of ideas based on the foundation you've given them.

It's difficult to keep kids entertained in the summer, but it's especially difficult when they need to stay inside while you are busy and can't give them undivided attention. Hopefully, these five tips will help spawn new ideas and fun summer activities for kids.


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