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The Best Video Touch Split-screen Infant Screen Baby Monitors Buy Online

Updated on May 3, 2012

Baby Monitors

 As a parent we want to keep our child safe. It is our highest priority. From the time of conception we are thinking of what we need to adjust in the home to keep our little ones out of harms way. We ensure that the cleaning supplies are locked up tight, that the electric outlets are covered and stairwells are blocked.

However, no matter how we patch the dangers in our homes, the greatest fear of all parents is what happens when our children are out of our sight. I remember when my first child was born, I would rock her in my arms until she was fast asleep. I would place her in the crib and head off to my room for a much needed sleep. However, I found myself listening so intently to the voice monitor that I never had a good nights sleep. I would listen to her breathing. Soon a wimper would come and thoughts of blankets over her face or thoughts of non-digested milk somehow choking her would enter my mind. So of course being taunted by the unknown I would find myself in her room and eventually falling asleep next to the crib.

Things have definitely changed since the "old days" of baby monitors. My oldest child is now 13 years of age. My youngest is 3. I was fortunate enough to have a video monitor with this child. Any stir that arouse from her room I was able to visually see why. I could allow her to settle herself without the worry of her truly being in harms way. Needless to say, I had more nights of comfort in my own bed than on the floor and my youngest is easily able to calm herself instead of relying on me to calm every little thing stemmed from any little noise as with my first.

While shopping for a monitor, dependency, clarity as well as price, was of importance. I asked numerous friends who have used visual monitors and Summer Infant Monitors was always praised, so I gave it a try.  

Flat Screen Color Video Monitor with 7" LCD Screen
Flat Screen Color Video Monitor with 7" LCD Screen

Flat Screen Color Video Monitor

I purchased the Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor with 7" LCD Screen.The screen was easily visible from my dresser and was surprisingly easy to install. This monitor has a

  • Tilt and swivel feature to accommodate my needs for viewing
  • The screen displays color during the day and black/white night vision
  • It has 2 channels to minimize interference, I never had static or interference as I did with a audio monitor
  • 400 feet extended range
  • LED sound lights let you see and hear your baby
  • Option of only audio at night

Also includes a built in carry handle, 2 A/C adapters, wall and under cabinet mounting option for parent's unit, a wall anchor and security clips.

Hand Held Monitors

It is amazing what our children will do when Mom and Dad are not near, escaping from the crib is just obstacle to worry about.

Many think that monitors are only for "babies"- but our babies are needing an extra eye on them far after the first year of life. Hand held monitors are a great option for the busy parent. You are able to take the monitor with you virtually anywhere in the house. So doing laundry or cooking dinners or helping the older children with homework has become easier and more flexible than being subject only to one area of the home.

Hand Held Monitors offer a new monitor designed to look like a cell phone. Features 2.5" color LCD screen with black & white night vision. LED sound lights and 4-way split screen allows you to view up to 4 rooms at a time, but the best part is that you can actually speak to your child through the monitor.

Touch Monitor

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor is awesome to say the least. It features a touch screen controlled monitor.Like many of the smart phones simply touch the screen to control the monitors features.

The picture is so clear it is like your looking right at your baby face to face. It also features the speak feature to talk to your child as the are in bed.

A parents worry and concern for their children will never stop.

It is our love that controls our ever need to know they are safe.

A visual monitor can definity allow you some peace of mind as the picture is proof of a calm and happy baby.


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    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 7 years ago

      Awesome, I'm actually bookmarking this one. Great information.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Great information here. How times have changed since mine were this little.