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Surprise, It's a boy! Again

Updated on October 21, 2014

How it started

When our family began my husband had two boys from his previous relationship and I had one son from my former marriage. All three acted like brothers from the start. After a year we moved from our apartment into a house and not long after that found out about lucky boy number 4. Two and half years after that I had my emergency c-section for breached boy number 5. A year later we gained full custody of my husband's son whom he'd never known before hand at the request of his son's mother. With some headaches around the circumstances of the boy being removed from his mother we went from five to six.

After the c-section I didn't have any complications or health concerns until one year and three months after his birth. I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with back pain. Ten minutes after arriving at the hospital our daughter was born. There were no signs of pregnancy and I didn't feel a single movement. Everyone was shocked because I had been through pregnancies before and I had no clue this time.

And that is how we got to seven kids just a year ago.

Surprise again

Just weeks short of our daughter turning one I was rushed to the hospital again. This time was different. After taking pregnancy tests three separate times this year (just to be sure and for medical purposes) each one being negative and never missing my period, we were sure there was no way I was pregnant. I had back pain, which over the years became a normal occurrence for me, I decided to soak in the tub. After ten minutes I couldn't move from the middle of my back down. I checked myself out and sure enough I was not only pregnant but I was in labor in my bath tub at 6 AM. 9-1-1 was called and the ambulance took me in. Within five minutes of getting into Labor and Delivery at the hospital we were holding another baby boy.

Shock doesn't describe the feeling I had at the time but as soon as I saw him he had a name and he was mine. So there we were explaining over and over again how I didn't know and why we weren't concerned up until I was in the bath tub that morning. It was like the entire hospital staff was interrogating us and really couldn't believe what we were saying. I do understand that it does sound crazy.

But the terrifying and awful part hadn't even happened yet.

Lucky to be alive and outraged

Hours after our last son was born I was talked to by a doctor on call at the hospital. I was informed that I was extremely lucky to have survived the birth of our daughter a year earlier due to the type of c-section I had when our son before her was born. Come to find out that because of the placement and direct of the incision from my c-section I shouldn't be able to have children via natural birth. The effects of pushing more often then not tear the incision and cause severe and immediate internal bleeding resulting in death for both the mother and child. I not only had given birth naturally twice after my c-section but there no complications due to labor at all.

Being told that I should be dead by now was terrifying but what followed was worse. I didn't know I was pregnant so my lifestyle hadn't changed and my addictions had gotten worse after taking a new job. My caffeine intake was out of control and I was easily smoking more then a pack of cigarettes a day. My drinking of alcohol has never been bad but I was still drinking throughout my entire pregnancy. Our son had exhibited withdrawal symptoms within a few days and that had doctors concerned. Drug tests are run first thing when ever someone goes into the hospital to give birth. My drug tests came back negative because I don't do drugs. But the hospital ignored the results of the tests and decided that my son was withdrawing from street drugs.

Our son's symptoms began subsiding within hours after he was on formula. If he would have been withdrawing from anything other then caffeine or nicotine his symptoms would have taken days just to lessen. In the three days that I was in the hospital I was out right called a drug addict five separate times by members of the hospital staff. I was interrogated several times and made to feel like a complete failure because of the whole situation.

With everything that happened and how terrifying it was I was victimized and stereotyped by medical professionals even after they had confirmed blood tests done that proved I was not a drug user. How far has society fallen when scientific and medical proof is not enough? Throughout then entire thing I only got one apology from a doctor that I didn't even speak to until our son was released from the hospital.


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