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Survival Tips for SAHMs

Updated on September 22, 2014

Big shoes to fill

Tip #1 Stop trying to prove your worth!

As mothers we tend to undervalue what we do each day. We are in constant need of reassurance that we are doing enough to justify being a SAHM. We surround ourselves with to-do-list, add more to our already overloaded schedules, take extra care in the cleanliness of our home and the appearance of our children, sometimes to the point where we become dissatisfied by everything and everyone around us. It's as if we're constantly fighting to have our accomplishments acknowledged, usually to no avail. Though we may not be able to convince every one around us that what we do matters, most of the time it is ourselves we need to impress most. There is a lot more to being a mom than washing dirty dishes and folding laundry. Nurturing emotional needs of the family is of greater importance than any monetary value placed on the "work" accomplished as a SAHM. As a supportive wife you may have played a role in your husband getting that new promotion or even meant the difference between your husband keeping or losing his job. Next time you find yourself upset over lack of approval you receive from others around you, remind yourself that what really matters is what you think of yourself.


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Tip #2 Take a chill pill

Slowing down and taking a break can be one of the most difficult things for SAHM to do. Between obligations to our family as well as commitments outside of the home we can find little time for rest and relaxation. It's a proven fact that a well-rested person is more productive and can preform in much more efficient manner than a stress-to-the-max, high strung mom overdosed on caffeine who does know the meaning of the word "relaxation." Considering the amount of long hours and sleepless nights there should be absolutely no guilt in taking an afternoon off and putting your feet up. Allow yourself to let the dirty dishes wait a while. Plan ahead for long mornings or busy afternoons by taking some time off beforehand. Schedule time for yourself each day! Afterward, you will feel re-energized and ready to tackle the mess waiting in the other room or the long evening of cooking and dirty dishes before putting the kids to bed.

Promote relaxation with herbal teas, lotions, and other supplements

Tip #3 K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple SAHM)

Caring for the needs of your family though important should be a fairly simple task. There are times you may feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the day-to-day responsibilities. There may be days when patience runs short and you may not respond with all the grace of a loving parent to your child's bad behavior. However, many times we create more work than necessary to accomplish what we need to do. Often it's the choices we are making that is causing us to feel stressed out. Before obligating yourself to another responsibility outside of the home or taking on yet another project, make sure this is worth the amount of sacrifices necessary. Pay careful attention to what matters most and pursue only that which will be well-worth your time and energy. Consider sacrificing those activities that cost the most with little to no return. Reevaluate whether you are being realistic about how much time it takes to properly care for the basic needs of your family and home. Your survival depends on it!


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