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Sweet Sixteen Simplified

Updated on October 1, 2009

Special yes, hassle no!

 All birthdays are special, but what's up with the 16th? Closer to legal, work, drive? Thanks to MTV the 16th birthday has been blown out of proportion and for most, out of financial range. I'm sure MTV didn't invent the "Sweet Sixteen" legend, they are responsible for this latest craze.

My daughter was not immune from this infection...but what she wanted and what we were able to afford were very different. From limos to hotel rooms, she asked, and unfortunately, I had to say no. Times are tough, the paycheck can only stretch so far and I didn't feel as if I had anything to prove. To her nor our circle of friends...she's gotten a party every year. So...Sunday September 27th she turned 16. The event witnessed by a few friends and both sides of the family-all in our house! Her pink and white heart and star balloons are still mostly inflated. The second of two cakes down to one slice-leftovers from the feast eaten.

Perhaps after all the suggestions, whining at times, she got exactly what every 16 year old wants and needs-family, food, and fun!


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