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Swing-N-Slide NE5056 Wrangler Combo Kit Information

Updated on January 28, 2012

As many people know having your children play outside is a great way for you to get them tired or even better have them learn more about outside, rather than the television. Now I know for me this is not a challenge because I have gotten my kids a huge playground set for them to play one, but even then it can be a challenge sending them outside because they may not like to the set they have to play on. However, if you get some information about the Swing-N-Slide NE5056 Wrangler combo kit, it can be easy for you to determine if this is the proper item for you to buy for your children to play on outside.

Swing-N-Slide Features

When you use this item, you will want to know about some of the features you can have available for your children. Once you know about this, it can make it more enjoyable for you to get, but also to have for your children to enjoy. Now the main thing you need to realize with this combo kit is it does not include the slide nor does it include the wood. So these are two major purchases you will have to make after you have bought the kit for your children.

- The swing sets are included and so are the iron rings which are needed for climbing. Now when you have these items, it will be easy for you to have the proper items. Without knowing about this, you may have difficulty in getting the items loaded properly and this can make it impossible to enjoy the set.

- Multi-colored tarp which is included is a good thing to see as well. By seeing this, you will not have to be concerned about the protection not being present. Without this, though, it may be impossible to find the proper tarp and this can easily lead to your children being disappointed in the playground you have set up for them.

- Additional spaces available for adding on different features. Finding this out is a great thing to do because it can generally lead to you finally getting the set up you want to have. However, you can find this is also a great thing because it will allow you to have additional space to add on features over time to keep your kids interested in the playground you have built for them.


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