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Systematic Desensitization in America

Updated on January 15, 2011

Systematic Desensitization

I believe this picture fits my hub perfectly.
I believe this picture fits my hub perfectly. | Source

January 2011 Hub

So I’ve had my hub page for a year now with only a couple of hubs written. I believe it is a great media for the average person therefore, I’ve decided in 2011 I’m going to make a goal of writing at least one hub a month. I’ll be able to track my progress by comments and suggestions while I write what the spirit moves me to write on.

I believe Jesus had much more strength than anyone will ever truly know when he slipped on the skin of man and walked the earth. Perhaps the act of Him sweating drops of blood is as close to understanding the strength of resistance he had, and what it takes to resist the enemy. Scripture tells us the enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking to devour; in all ways. I think about Hollywood and the couples that seem to marry and then get divorced; the time between that beginning and end is getting shorter. Unfortunately, the next generation is being formed and raised within those two walls. Similar to what I saw in the small town I spent a few years in; the parents leave their union and flippantly move on to other partners. This happens without time or healing for the family and in most cases they move into the same situation; with children. So now the father is living with another woman and her children. The eyes of the children seem to hold one of two perspectives. The first one is that their dad no longer lives with them and does family things with another child. This of course opens the door for the enemy to whisper in their ear that he does not love them anymore. The second perspective is of the child who lives with the father; all he or she knows is that the new man in the house is not their father and consumes their mother’s time and attention; this can be a dual-edge blade cutting into the soul of a child. All dark roads seem to lead to the desensitizing of this next generation; and because of the heavy darkness the road signs cannot be seen. Like a colony of mindless breeding - today’s generation is being conditioned to reject the truth when presented. Webster’s dictionary defines desensitize as “lessening the sensitiveness of, and or to make indifferent, unaware in feeling”. If we dig deeper on the subject we can see this very action is a lead to a process for minimizing the harmful effects of phobias and other disorders. Systematic desensitization is a type of behavioral therapy used in the field of psychology to help in overcoming those phobias and other anxiety disorders. Just as the enemy twists all things meant for good so is the over whelming evidence of desensitizing this new generation and the wickedness found in so many areas. From music and movies, cartoons and comics, to technology and relationships and religion; all categories can be covered to desensitize a new generation from God’s truth. The heart of desensitizing someone is all about slowly killing their awareness of something.

The innocents of children is in jeopardy of becoming extinct along with the authority and protection a parent was created to provide. Unfortunately, the truth behind the adult counterparts are often found in a bottle, a bag or monitor; in the form of liquid, pills or pictures. When an adult self-medicates or in other words, indulges in desensitizing their own awareness and coping skills, how can they become a positive influence to a child? Moreover, they cannot be the best protector they were created to be. It’s ironic when the American people see pictures, or read stories of third-world countries putting guns in the hands of children where the environment clearly conditions them for destruction by desensitizing them from the harmful effects of their actions. The ironic part is that these same people do not see a similar connection between an American made environment of simulation killing, physical abuse, over-indulgence, words of destruction and never telling a child NO. The American way seems to promote greed, selfishness and self-centered actions laced with manipulation and lies. Unfortunately the truth is we are only lying to ourselves and all of these actions whether acknowledged or not, have played into the hand of the enemy. I believe our eyes and ears are the gateways to our mind which prepares the way to our heart. We need to pay attention to what we allow through these gates since ultimately whatever we open the door to will eventually penetrate our soul.

In the beginning the instructions were that if Adam and Eve were to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree they would surely die…..the consequences were not a physical death but one of sensitivity to the Spirit of God. I wonder how many people truly understand this…….


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    • Jude Wilson profile imageAUTHOR

      Jude Wilson 

      7 years ago from Texas

      Thanks kcreery I'm sure I will-

    • kcreery profile image


      7 years ago from Whistler Canada

      Good luck writing your 1 hub a month. You should write a few hubs at a time to get and save the hubs to meet your once a month goal.


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