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Updated on July 24, 2010

Are you fond of reading books? Does reading a book gives you satisfaction in your waking hours? It was proven that reading books and magazines and other reading materials can change your life. There are so many benefits you can have by just reading.

It will improve our writing ability by grasping the proper use of words in a sentence. A writer are prone to errors if he doesn't know the mechanic of a good writing. Writing skills is a gift, the result of continues reading.

Reading improves our understanding what happen in our surrounding. Knowing world events is one way of updating our knowledge where the world is heading. We can prepare whatever happen in the future, at least we are ready to face the odds.

To know everything put ourselves have a broad knowledge base. We no longer behind the news of the time. Continues learning will mean continues reading at our own pleasure.

Reading helps control the stresses of the day. Too much pressure from the demand of the job affects our mind and body. But reading slow down and unwind those heavy feeling of anxiety that sometimes takes its place in our health.

It improves the learning ability of the child during the years of his growth and development. Equip by this knowledge, academic excellence is just at the doorstep. Public libraries contains rich information in all subjects in different field of interest. Developing a good reading habit regularly will make the brain response positively.

Storing many useful ideas in the mind is an asset taken from regular reading. It will improve our decision-making capabilities for the benefit of our business, for the advancement of our position, for the timely solution of the many challenges in our lives. New ideas does not only confine from us but also from other people's initiative in having something useful. Knowing other people's ideas is more effective in whatever endeavor we have in mind. It allows us to select the best option advantageous in making decisions.

Reading is very relaxing to allow the body to momentarily rest and the mind to kept away from many distraction and stresses in life. With the release of pleasure-inducing endorphins from the brain, we become happy and satisfied.

Reading give us time to recover from our lost energy during the day. We need enough strength to keep us going. An energy-giving alternative that has an important role in building up self-confidence in order to manage whatever pressures we meet in our daily activities.

In having enough learning is easy for us to understand, interpret and comprehend what we see or hear around us. It enable us to grasp the right vocabulary to response to a conversation because we can express it clearly what we want to communicate to a language understandable to all. We can discuss a wide range of topics at our disposal because we know how the conversation will go into a right direction in a knowledgeable manner.

Active mind is healthier compared to a dormant one. Developing the mind into its maximum potential can exercise a mental problem (forgetfulness) caused by old age. It will enhance the power to reason, giving the mind the privilege to remember even those that were already been forgotten.

Reading has great influence in our lives. It has a long-term benefits for our own personal growth and development. It strengthen our character. It has the ability for a productive interaction with people in society. It increases our mental capacity and ability to response immediately. Continues mental activity improves our own desire to grow more.

Reading is a mental exercise by traveling the imagination to the fardest corner of the earth exploring the unknown world. It enrich our thoughts in the betterment of our lives. This imagination lead us closer in choosing the career that will uplift the spirit and shape into professional success.


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      8 years ago

      This is great and interesting. I love reading. This made me become a writer. Good share.


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