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Updated on December 14, 2009

There are reasons why a married couple became a single parent. A broken marriage or a deceased husband, an unmarried single mother having child to support. Most often children alienated their feeling to their parents because one of them was not present in their lives. It is not easy for their children to know this things.It is hard to accept that one of them had gone forever. The death of the husband became a burden of the mother in rearing her children. It became a yoke in her shoulder. It was her hardship, determination and sacrifice to give them the needed care and close attention during their early years of their growth. Guiding them is a challenging responsibility and painful task.

Your life becomes a very busy day. Working in a company, thinking of going home early. A very hectic day dividing responsibility between work and home. What you did was to balance your time by working and parenting, all in one.

Sometimes you cried, a tears of fear and a burden when no one else can share you together to guide them in the path of good virtue. In your part, it is hard work and worry of their future. This is difficult for you in raising them alone.

You cannot attend to yourself because your concentration was only for them. You always pray that your sanity is intact when you feel angry and frustrated sometimes. You cannot afford to set aside time for yourself now to be free from your worries because you have other function with higher priorities.

Many people with the same experience said that "you have to be emotionally strong and healthy to be able to withstand the pressure of your work and in your home. Restrain your anxiety and stress situation. Always available for their needs and focus your mind how you can effectively control discipline. You have to nurture and communicate with your children to be a responsible kids."

How can you do these being a single parent? What will be your function in the absence of your deceased husband?  How will you manage to carry all these responsibilities into one by yourself alone?

-Ask support from your family and close friend. Ask a good advise for your satisfaction. Let them help you.

-If someone want to help you during the time when you are out of your home working by looking for your children in your absence, accept it. Even if you have someone hired to look after the welfare of your children, this additional support helps them feel at ease and confident that someone showed concern to their welfare.

-Managing finances was one of your problem. Your salary is not enough to answer all the basic necessities you need every day. Due to your tight budget, all you can do is to find inexpensive merchandise. There were sale items in the supermarket. Having them saves you a lot.

-You must diligently put your time, money and resources in order to achieve your desire to have a good money management.

-Use some of your free time washing dishes, laundry, caring child's need after work. Share a little enjoyment for yourself in seeing your favorite TV program, listening to sweet music, read books and magazines and other activities that are enjoyable and helpful. Do gardening and dancing with your children. It's fun and very relaxing. Make it as your routine activities as part of your work at home. this will give time for you to recharge and unwind those negative feeling and replace it with a happy and contented life.

-Bring your children to the park once in a while to develop bonding especially you are only one that can response to their desire for attention. This is also to have a break for you from the pressure of your work in the office and in your own home. Relax and enjoy the day of rest.

-Teach your children to be responsible. Give them assignment in household chores to relieve some of your function that you regularly been doing when you are at home. This is to lessen some of your burden.

-Give emotional support to your children if they remember their father they missed for a long time. Find a way to control their  feeling of being alone and emptiness including you. Constant direction and unlimited care and attention ease these feeling. Tell them that you loved them very much and you are always there with them at all times. Your presence is all they need.

-Act as a father. Provide your children protection from harm and ready to defend them no matter what it cost.

With your unwavering support in their education, you have high hope that they can finish their ambition in due time. As you saw all your children in your home laughing and having fun, it hurts you.

Your accomplishment as a good mother can never be forgotten in their mind how you sacrificed hard and give all your care, love and attention to them. When the time comes that your children become parents themselves, your goodness will be their example that will guide them and to their own children to lead a life of goodness. Your responsibility will be complete at that time.


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